Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Michael Jackson did for the salon

i know that most people are tired about hearing about the legacy that Michael Jackson left behind, but for me some things are just undeniable. actually there is only one thing that i am going to talk about that has left an impression on me. frankly, i have never been a huge fan of the king of pop and have been uber over the whole thing....BUT...here is what i have see in the salon...black boys wanting to be white!! yes, im totally serious!!

ok, today for example, we had a young gentleman come in with VERY curly VERY dark VERY...no other word, knappy hair. he then pulled out a picture of Peter Wentz (mom, this is a white boy in a popular band, married to ashley simpson) and asked for his exact cut and style. now, thankfully the stylist was smart enough to be honest and tell him that he pretty much was delusional about the outcome; however, she went ahead with what she could do...relaxer, cut and style. it was a great outcome, but probably to his dismay he looked more middle eastern/indian than he did Pete Wentz, but he did have the skin tight girl jeans and purple hightops!

now, obviously this young man has what i like to call a serious identity crisis going on in his life, but maybe i am the only one to notice. i mean, this has been socially acceptable for a long time now! michael wanted to be white for a long time and we all know that it was a running joke among all the late night TV hosts and pretty much the whole world! so now, we have beautiful black men wanting to be white girls...what the heck? come one now...i dont even now what else to say!!!

boys, your mamas want boys, not girls. 

boys, your girls want to date/marry strong masculine men, not guys we share pants with! 

thanks! :)

blessings, ALo

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