Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No Time


i cant believe i am sitting down to blog!! the last month and a half, or whatever it has been since my last post, has been crazy! we went to michigan for almost three weeks and i, obviously, didnt blog there and then when we got home, i have been inundated with life...raising babies, home hair, being a wife, trying to get some sleep! go figure...the mom of twins is busy! i used to blog at night, but family time has become very sacred!! so blogging has taken a back seat! sorry!

so, i probably dont have much time before one of the girls wakes up, so in short, things are good! the girls are both getting so big!! i weighed them just before we left michigan (june 10th)...claire weighed 12 pounds and annabel weighed 14.5 pounds! lol!! so annabel is my bruiser and claire is my peanut. we will see what happens when we go to the doctor in a few weeks, but i have a feeling not much will change between now and then! they are both in 3 month clothes. annabel can rock the 3-6month stuff, but claire is swimming in those outfits. they are almost sleeping through the night. annabel wakes up around 2 to eat so i usually get claire up too...she is the one that needs to catch up anyway. otherwise, they are going from 8pm to 2am then 2am to 8am. not too shabby!! we have mastered the eating at the same time thing, now we are working on nap schedules. today was not a good day. in fact, right now is the only time since 8am that they are both sleeping at the same time! needless to say, i didnt get a whole lot done today, but thats ok :) i will take some awake happy baby time when i can get it!!

so, i have been keeping up with my question a day journal that i started last year. it is so interesting to look back at where i was last year at this time compared to right now. last year, right now, i was really upset that we were not pregnant yet. that we were missing our window of opportunity to try that month. what a low point for me. but i specifically remember being at camp, teaching our high schoolers to trust in the Lord and getting a good swift kick in the pants from God, a true wake up vcall. not more than a month later we were pregnant!! God has so richly blessed us. my heart has been restored with these little girls. just this morning, as i was holding an upset annabel, i was so happy with my life. of course, i could complain about lack of sleep, not being in the shape i was before pregnancy (maybe more on that later), or so many other things, but i just wont do it! thank you God for these babies. thank you!

here are a few pics of the girls at 3 months! there are tons of pics on facebook from our trip to michigan if you want to see them. :)

Annabel Marie

Annabel needed her paci for a bit

Claire Mackenzie

Claire syas "who, me??"


ps. annabel will be having her surgery july 22 to repair her hernia. i will hopefully be finding time to blog more often, but just in case, now you know! :)

i know it was quick...i will catch up more later!

blessings, ALo