Sunday, January 17, 2010


today is sunday...and i love sundays!! you really never know what will happen, but today was great! today actually started yesterday...well, at least very early. peter and i stayed up after an SAE event in dayton to watch SNL, which wasnt really that great, up we stayed up and watched it anyway. i cant remember the last time i watched SNL...does that make me old? so we went to bed a little after midnight and slept in SOOOO late! i think i got up to use the restroom at 9:30 am and then got back in bed, stayed there til 10:30. it was so awesome...yes, even though we didnt make it to church :( i then made breakfast...scrambled eggs, toast, and a banana. i then took the longest shower ever, might have been the best shower i have taken in forever, yes, i do keep track of those things!! then, i jumped back in bed and stayed until noon. LOL! peter and i then made our way to the busch's for sunday lunch...who doesnt love sunday lunch, especially when someone else makes it...peter did make creme brulee! so good! then i took a cat nap on the way home in the car and came home to watch The Pursuit of Happiness and basically sat on the couch until right now. i love that sundays, no matter what, are slow and laid back. i love more than anything that it is all about family! peter and i have literally spent the ENTIRE day together!! so, if you are wondering, i will never give up this day! i will never work on sundays, they mean far to much to me!! and if you find out that i am working sundays, SLAP ME!!! thanks!

blessings, ALo

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