Saturday, October 1, 2016

I Ain't Got Time For This

For real...I DO NOT have time to blog...but I want to. I want to make time to get some of my thoughts out again. So this first one back will be some sort of list, some ramblings, some well...I guess we will just have to see.

1. Motherhood is really hard. Not hard like I thought it was when I first had the it is about attitude adjustments, appropriate responses to toddler life, referee, chef, housekeeper all while still carrying on normal life, some semblance of normal life. Also, please note, my social media posts are the good stuff...I am one of THOSE moms! I love my kids. Gosh, i think they are so smart! They sure are smart enough to push every single one of my buttons. But I really do love them. I love that they are becoming more independent...potty trained, sleeping great (including naps each day), can feed know big kid stuff. Claire is feisty, sassy, lovable, spunky, and loves fiercely. Annabel is quiet at first but loves to sing, quirky, bossy, sensitive, and tenderhearted. The best parts of me and Peter all crammed inside little kids bodies. It's so bizarre!

2. I am a momaholic...yes, its a thing I say. I have mostly given up alcohol but there are some days when mama needs a margarita!!! Sometimes its after the girls have pushed every single one of those buttons. Sometimes its after we have had a really good day...very little fighting/ate all our veggies without a fight/etc. But really. I love margaritas but they are so full of sugar...and that aint good for my waistline...and I aint got time for that! So, I have mostly given them (margaritas) up...mostly. But let me tell you, I make a MEAN marg...just ask any of my friends...AND I learned from the best mom I know!! :)

3. I am still/always trying to loose the baby weight. Actually, thats not true. I lost it but then gained it back...2x. Listen not only do I love margaritas, but I love all things Tex Mex...chips, cheese, tortillas, creamy jalapeƱo dip (Chuys...holla). And I REALLY REALLY hate giving up some of those things. No excuses, but of course I have some. That's another post for later. But on that same note...

4. Peter needs to chill out! My hubby and I have both been drinking shakes to cut out some extra calories...of course he cheats WAY LESS than me and I forget that when I get really upset about the fact that he has lost 2x more weight than me in the same amount of time. But again...the whole thing about guys loosing weight faster than girls is really annoying!!! Ugh, why can't I just think about loosing weight and it be gone??!!?? This whole eating right, working out, BEING SWEATY is the worst!!'s still in the 90's here in Houston.

5. Peter and I have been married for a DECADE!!! Holy smokes, I am SO SO SO proud of us!! Marriage is hard, sometimes harder than motherhood, but of course totally different. Peter and I have had our fair share of both good times and bad. This past year we have really been focusing on us. We have had more date nights, more quality time together at home, worked on our line of  communication, and been intentional. I have loved him for almost 13 years, but I really really really LIKE him right now too! And to celebrate the love and the like, we went to ALASKA!!! Wow...what a dream!!

6. The biggest thing right now (the last few weeks) is that I am trying to make time for the right Yes. I have worked really hard the last few...i don't know...DECADES on saying yes to too much...even the things that I KNOW I shouldn't say yes to. My yes is like an addiction. Im addicted to helping/serving/pleasing but have let my right yeses be over shadowed by the wrong yeses I get into. I am currently in a Bible study with friends who are holding me accountable to these new standards for myself...and we are also reading Present Over Perfect (Shauna Niequist) which is a fantastic book. So, here I am shaking from withdrawal, necessary withdrawal, and excited for more be a wife, a mom, a friend, a follower of Jesus.

So this blog is a little cathartic. Just an overview to get me going, until I change my mind (again) and can't find time to type.