Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Snow

today we got our first big snow of the winter here in ohio. i am one of those people that doesnt really care either way about snow. i dont love it, but i dont hate it. what i do hate is how people drive when there is a little snow. ohioans are not good drivers, EVER (!!!), let alone when there is snow on the ground. boo!

the good thing about today is that i got one of the best workouts!! i have never really shoveled snow before. i tried it once, right after i was let go from a job and i ended being more pissed off than i needed to be to shovel and didnt get much accomplished, in fact i am pretty sure that i hurt my back. was totally different! i went out and got a portion of our driveway started before peter got home from work. i told him that i wanted to do ours and shovel the walk of the neighbors. next thing i now i had ours done and the neighbors entire driveway, an hour and a half later!! and yes, it was dark out at this point.

i think that the neighbors, who are in their 80's, thought i was creepy :) but in the end, i was excited that i actually took the initiative, especially in the cold!

i came inside and stripped down to find that my sweat had turned to my bra, in my hair...awesome! come to find out, according to, i burned 552 calories in that hour and a half!!! that is totally awesome! what a great way to spend my afternoon...totally unexpected!

get out there and shovel!! everyone benefits! p.s. you should have seen what i was wearing...should have taken a picture!! :)

blessings, ALo

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