Sunday, January 3, 2010

Opposites Attract

Peter and i have been married for a little over 3 years now and i can honestly say that i am more in love with him now than i have ever been!! and while i could go on and on for days about how perfect we are for each other, the truth is that i am not sure why we ever fell in love...we couldnt be MORE opposite! i am pretty sure that is what keeps things interesting for both of us. kinda like, lets see how we are going to get through today with all the craziness that make us us! so, here is a small sampling of how we are so different...

he is tall ( 6'9") and i am short (5'4")
he is quiet and i am loud
he is reserved and i am outgoing
he takes his time and i am totally impatient
he likes technology and i like clothes
he has wretched smelling farts (silent but violent) and i have loud ones
he likes classic rock and roll and i like country
he calls it soda and i call it pop
he has one sibling and i have nine (almost)
he loves the computer and i love TV
he likes a clean house and i hate to clean
he can drop 20 pounds with no effort and i cant loose weight if you paid me...but i could try!! :)

those are just a few things! but seriously...the most important thing in both of your lives is the relationship that we each have with Jesus Christ. we both now with that saving grace we would be nothing. God has allowed us to find joy not only in Him but in each other and that is what makes this journey so much fun, even with all the differences!

we also have lots of things in common, like our sense of humor and loving to have fun together, our love for our families and we both love to travel.

so, as this new year begins, i pray that we continue to look to each other for fun and laughter, despite everything else and we continue to let God lead us as a couple. i will be praying the same for you!

blessings! ALo

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  1. Ryan and I are opposites too! and I love it;)