Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Time is Here

Well, life has been crazy! Not in a bad way, but not always in a good way either. Anyway, you have probably seen all that has been going on in our lives via Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. Its so much easier to post a quick photo than to sit down and write a blog post ;). but today I'm writing to share our Christmas card. Im sorry if you didn't get one this year. We didn't loose love for you, we just cut way back. We went from 117 cards last year to 75 this year. And if you know how big my family alone is, that almost 50 cards!!! WOW! But I know we all love getting those picture cards and I wanted to share our Christmas Joy with you.

God has truly blessed our family. We know that without Him and His Son, Jesus Christ, we would have very little to celebrate and be thankful for. I know that many struggle this time of year, finding joy in the midst of hardship can be very difficult. Having faith that there is more to life than presents, stressful family gatherings, and kid temper tantrums, and even sending out cards makes this season special. Knowing that we are loved so much that God would send a baby to save the world...a peaceful baby, meek and mild, to give us the hope of more than we could ever ask or imagine. I pray that each of you would find the hope that only god can give through the celebration of His Son's birth.

This Christmas I am praying for a few of my friends who are spending this Christmas without a special loved one, please join me as I know this may be a difficult Christmas.

Rachel Kelly in the loss of her sweet baby Annie a few months ago.
Lindsay Puder in the loss of her daddy about a month ago.
Elizabeth Crook in the loss of her grandfather last week.
Ashley Ridge in the loss of her daddy yesterday.

But we are thankful knowing they are all rejoicing and truly enjoying this Christmas in Heaven with Jesus!

So, here is our card! I love it and many thanks to my amazingly talented friend, Christie Lacy Photography, for the pictures and the cards...they are pearlized and kind of shine in person ;) Im learning to really love glitter now that i have 2 girls and everything is COVERED in pink or glitter!! lol

Merry Christmas!


blessings, ALo