Sunday, January 10, 2010

Watch out she comes!!!

Morgan Brittany Sydney, Australia!

Not quite a year after peter and i got married, we moved in with the Busch family...doug and caroline, bryanna, morgan and maggie, and yes, 3 dogs! we lived in the basement, shared a bathroom with the 3 teenage girls and would be awakened every morning by bo the bulldog snoring and/or the other dogs nails on the hardwood floor above us. it was actually a great time for all of us! we were there for just under six months and in that time we were adopted by our "fake family". we called them mom and dad and our sisters, even to this day we call them that. it is so great having people here in ohio that treat us like family.

now, over two years later, morgan is leaving for australia. i first met morgan right after the family moved from new jersey. i was an intern in the youth department and a small group leader and in the last 4 years i have seen her grow leaps and bounds in all aspects of her life! we have become close friends and i am so excited about this next chapter in her life!

morgan is heading all the way to hillsong in sydney, australia today!! she is an awesome singer/songwriter and is following God's calling in her life to expand those gifts by studying and training in one of the best places to do that. hillsong has been known for years as a leader in worship music. morgan will be there for 11 months at a time (everything is australia is backwards from us, so their school year starts in january). it will be so hard to not have her here, but i know that she is being attentive to God's calling and will be blessed for it!

so, help me in praying for morgan as she travels across the world and puts herself out there!! pray for her family (and me) as we figure out what to do without her here! :) morgan, i love you and i cant wait to see and hear what comes out of this experience!! have fun!!!!

blessings, ALo

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