Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sick Little Lucy

isnt she so adorable? i know...shes my niece, Kayla. i love her to pieces, but as far as i know she is sick today. my sister-in-law told me last night that by 10pm Kayla had been sick 2x! apparently its going around! i have read all over facebook and talked to several clients that have had the flu. by the way, it really irks me that people come into the salon when they are sick! and the worst is when they say to me..."Oh, Charlie is sick and couldnt go to school today, but since i am here and couldnt find a babysitter, can you cut his hair?" ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!! if he cant go to school, he cant come here! DUH!!

ok,  back to Kayla...she is 6...cute, blonde and very mischievous! in fact, several people in the family have nicknamed her Lucy...short for Lucifer. isnt that awful, but funny? i know, welcome to the family! this picture was taken of Kayla and me in July at a family reunion in Michigan.

so while peter and i love our home here in the lovely ohio, and we love being independent, we hate to be away from family! we hate choosing who to go see during the holidays, we hate missing summer cookouts and boat rides and sitting on the front porch with our grandparents (we have grandparents in 4 different states!) but i really hate being away when someone is sick! no, i dont want the sickness, but i hate knowing there is nothing that i can do to help! i cant bring Kayla ginger ale and saltines and i cant bring my grandpa red velvet truffles or a milkshake! (my grandpa is very sick too, at home but hospice comes several times a week)

but all in all i am SOOO blessed! peter and i have all of our grandparents, parents, and siblings. i love my family, all of them, and yes there are TONS of us!

so, i pray that you and your family stay healthy!

whit, tell kayla i said hi and that i'm thinkin about her! love ya!

blessings, ALo

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