Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best day in awhile

today was a great day! there were lots of things that made today great, but here are the top 4...

1. i was a teaching aide. our salon is extending their services to include eyelash extensions and i, being the nice person that i am, gave up my time to allow Kristin to practice with my lashes :) so...i now have eyelash extensions. they are weird for the first few minutes but i love them cool!

2. i was part of a make over today. Della, the recipient, won the makeover from a raffle for a womens event. she was such a great lady and i had SO MUCH FUN!!! i did highlights, lowlights, cut and style. she also got a manicure and eyebrow arch as well as 2 two outfits from a nearby boutique. she and i will get to show off her new look next tuesday at the womens event and will be given a small radio spot! AWESOME!

3. i was asked to be a stylist for a photo shoot. next monday the dayton ballet are having a photo shoot , and brent (one of the owners) asked if i would be willing to be a part of it all!! DUH!!!

4. i made homemade whipped cream tonight. i know...not the best choice ever, but it was awesome!! we had heavy whipping cream that needed to get used, strawberries that needed to get eaten and some ice cream. what a great way to end a great day!!

thanks for caring enough to read this!!

blessings, ALo

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  1. I expect something with homemade whip cream in the future at some sort of gathering!