Friday, January 1, 2010

well, this is first post...EVER! i know that i am jumping on this band wagon a little late, but, you know me...all in my own time! :)

here's what you need to know first....i HATE using the capital letters unless they are all caps. if you dont like that...dont read. i usually dont use apostrophes unless i feel like it. however, i try very hard to use correct grammar and spelling :)

so, i am typing this while watching Julie & Julia, which is great so far and is about blogging and somewhat inspired me. but most of all, i have been inspired by my husband...he started a blog too (p.s. i love the ... (pause dots))

so, some days this will be nothing but nonsense and other days (probably few and far between) it will be insights into the...well, i have no idea. i bet i will have some really great stories though, and that will be fantastic.

so, all of this to say...enjoy! :)

blessings! ALo

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  1. I can't wait to hear more fun stories from you cutie! Yippee for the blog!