Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Dress

it's 1am! i cant sleep. i had a headache earlier and took some excedrine around 9:30, forgetting how much caffeine is in those little suckers, i am! so, as i sit here in the living room, listening to my hubby snore in our room, i cant help but be grateful. i know that i have talked before about peter and how much he means to me, but i dont have the words to adequately describe what he means to me. God honestly gave me a perfect perfect compliment. in the midst of all the crap that has been going on in our lives, peter has become an even greater source of strength and comfort to me. there is nothing that i can not say to him and there is nothing that he would not do for me. i am blessed! peter and i met in college and it did not take long for me to realize how special he was...super shy but a great guy (even if i was not his first choice, right hun?) :) he proposed on december 24, 2005 in central park, NYC on a horse drawn carriage was perfect! we were married on august 12, 2006 and i have been falling more in love with him daily. this is not to say that everything has been easy. we have had our share of hard times, but none more so than the last 5 months. i thank God everyday that He has given me someone that will not give up on me or our marriage come hell or high water. yes, i need to be reminded of that (maybe a little too often), but even in the times that i doubt myself, peter has always been there holding my hand.

when we got married i had no problem planning my/our wedding. i knew what i wanted! when it came to finding my dress, that was a no brainer too. in fact, when i went to the store to try on dresses, i only wanted to try one, but of course they always talk you into more choices. but in true aimee fashion, i bought the one i went for. i loved it and it was perfect! after the wedding, that dress that i loved so much was hung up and covered with two black garbage bags...apparently the dress bag was lost in translation somewhere between the church and who knows where! today, four and a half years later, the dress is still hung in garbage bags! :)

some have probably/hopefully already seen the post from lisa about the project that she is starting using wedding dresses. i am so honored! if you havent read the post, go now so that you aren't lost! i am of course sending my dress! i mean, how could i not? although, i will probably keep a square of the lace for myself, i am thrilled to know that a mom will blessed because of the love that i have for my peter and for my charlotte jean. if you have a wedding dress that is just hanging around (like most are) please send it to me or to lisa! we are both so excited about what this will mean to others in remembrance of our sweet babies!

here are a few pics of the dress! i was going to go take a couple in the bags, but the snoring hubs might get mad if i wake him up! :)

yes, i did have to have a stool made for our first kiss!! and i still use it all the time!! :)

blessings, ALo

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  1. I so Love this idea! Are you and Lisa doing this or are you just asking for the dresses for someone else to make them? Both of you ladies have gone through so much and yet you still are thinking of others! I really admire you both. Now you both have ANGELS looking down on you and smiling!! Love to both of you!!