Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Wonder... old Charlotte will be when i get to see her in Heaven. i first mentioned this to lisa last week and it came up in conversation again today with my dad-in-law. i mean, i know and i am excited about the fact that when i see her she will no longer have turner's syndrome, or a cystic hygroma, or any of the other things that made her leave me too early. i know that she will have a perfect body, but will she be a baby? will we all be the same age in heaven? i got teary thinking about it today, because i know that when i get there it wont matter. but it does matter to me. i long to see her and know her every little freckle and count her eyelashes as i rock her to sleep in my arms and, more than anything, to feel her heart beating in her tiny chest. it makes me sad to think that maybe that wont happen. we all know that i am not good with the "not knowing" thing. not knowing what my baby looks like right now is hard for me. thinking that i may not get to be a mommy to Charlotte the way i have envisioned in my dreams is hard. maybe my praises for God will include that. God has promised us the desires of heart...this is mine...maybe it will finally come true in Heaven. that is what i am hoping for!


  1. I have wondered the same about my Caleb...will he still be the 3 day old newborn? Lots of prayers and hugs.

  2. Hey Aimee. I love your honesty. I can't wait to be in heaven with everyone else who gets to watch you and Charlotte embrace for the first time. Along with Lisa and Jaxton. I know there are only tears of joy in heaven and these moments will be one of them!! You are on our mind and in our prayers. I just sent my wedding dress down with my sister back to Indianapolis to give to Lisa in honor of Jaxton and Charlotte and all other little angels that leave our arms too soon. Talk to you soon! Keep writing!