Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Charming and Charms

i had the most awesome of awesome charm bracelets in high school. it was one of those charm bracelets that was getting so full that i was running out of room and when i wore it everyone knew i was around because it was jingly! well, during an away basketball with a major rival my jewelry along with several teammates' jewelry was stolen. they took my purity ring, my cross necklace and my awesome charm bracelet. my mom didnt believe me at first...she thought for sure that i lost them! i mean, she wouldnt have been too far off knowing how bad i am at taking care of things where they should go, but for real this time it wasnt my fault! i have thought about starting a new charm bracelet several times over the years but never actually did it. fast forward to this year. as you know, i have a really great support system here through my bible study. they have been a huge encouragement over the past 9 weeks and more and i am not sure what i would do with out them. my girlies gave me an incredible charm necklace in remembrance of charlotte jean. it came on a chain that was a little short for my big neck, so i added the charms to the chain and pendant that peter gave me at christmas (sapphires are one of my favs and we both have them in our wedding bands). i have been saying that eventually i will put the charlotte charms on a bracelet and add a new charm every year on her birthday and maybe ones that i find that make me think of her. but for now i reach up and "play" with them throughout the day, i hear them jingle when i move, and they are right where i want them for now.

yesterday, i briefly mentioned my blogging friend joanne. joanne has a BEAUTIFUL charm bracelet and it has made it into several posts as well as being the header for her blog The Simple Wife. i started reading joanne's blog just before christmas and was so encouraged by her writing...and lots and lots of archives. on january 11, joanne suffered a major stroke. she is no longer in a coma, in fact she has been make big strides in her recovery, but this will be a very long very hard road for joanne and for her family. today is joanne's birthday!!! so in honor of joanne, today, every time i hear my charms jingle and every time i "play" with them i will be praying for her. i am praying the pain that has been reoccurring in her shoulder would be gone. i am praying that the transfer to her rehab facility goes great with no added drama for joanne to worry about. i am praying for her hubby, toben, and their two daughters. please, pray for this amazing women, for a full recovery!!

here is the picture that i took of my charms...it is also on joanne's blog today for her charming birthday! :)
arent they so pretty?? i love them and wear them all the time!

happy birthday, joanne!!!

blessings, ALo

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