Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blue Polish

so, i wouldnt say that i collect nail polish, but i have a collection of nail polish. i used to be an OPI snob, but lately have bought several Essie colors and love them. i find that the essie stays on my nails without chipping a little longer...could be me not working though too! :) i have always loved nail polish and if you knew me in college then you remember the heart tin! the heart tin has since been retired due to rust from polish remover and has been replaced with a hard sided box from beauty school. my box is too small now. i dont have room for my files and/or clippers. i guess i better start looking for a bigger box because i am not getting rid of my polish!

when i went to the hospital for jaxton's birth, i went into lisa's room before surgery to give her a hand and foot massage. when i took off her socks, to my horror, i found that she did not have polish on her toes!! i am one of those girls that never leaves my house without my toes polished. now, i know that it is not important to everyone...but how could my new friend not have her toes polished?? :) anyway, we laughed about how her toes should be blue in celebration of jaxton's arrival...i think she even mentioned that her toes where blue when jake was born. i didnt have my polish box with me on that trip, but when i came home i found that essie had the new spring line out...and i bought all 6. :) there was a beautiful blue, called coat azure, which i  couldnt wait to try. when i first polished my toes i immediately thought...oh man, i hope this doesnt look like fungus! it turned out to be awesome and i then thought of my chat with lisa about blue polish...i thought about jaxton. that made me love the polish even more. now, every time i wear this color i will think about jaxton. this will probably be one of my new favorites along with the new purple, nice is nice, which is the same color purple as charlotte's blanket. i love how its the little things that bring a smile to my face and help me remember charlotte and jaxton in a good way...things like nail polish!

here are a few pictures of my "collection". i recently cleaned out the box from all the old, goopy ones and non-opi colors, but there are still!!

jaxton blue

all laid out...kinda by groups. nudes, darks, purple and pinks, reds

in their more room

blessings, ALo

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  1. Don't know how I missed this blog! Nice to hear you're cleaning out - - wouldn't want you to become a polish hoarder :) Wish my toes were worthy of nail polish :( (I have very ugly toes)