Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Slow Down

so, admittedly, my life has been crazy busy the last few weeks! peter and i have had 6 different people in our house over the last 4 weeks. we love to have people here to visit, and all but one didnt really need to be entertained. well, come sunday afternoon, all our guests were gone with no one else on the calendar to visit. :( i was a little sad, to be honest. but, knowing that i will be going to michigan in a few weeks to see the rest of my family is so awesome! so, i have decided to slow down a little bit. i feel like between visitors, my (basically) 3 jobs, volunteering, everyday house duties, and trying to have a baby, my mind is going one million different directions and my car is going hundreds of miles. yesterday alone, i drove over 150 miles.

this week is crazy...i am already a little over booked. next week i am taking care of some sweet kids while their parents take a much needed and deserved vacation. but i am promising myself, and peter, to slow down and take some time for myself and for us after the family gets back. i am going to get a pedicure, celebrate my friend rachel's b-day with some girl time, take my hubby on a date (maybe even an overnight one!), and just relax!

last thing...i weigh less today than on the day i got married. woohoo! AND i havent had any new side effects from the new drug this week. i start the other new one in a few days. i have been graciously warned by a few people to be certain to take it at night so as to avoid serious nausea and vomiting. if nothing else, i might loose a few extra pounds if i do get sick, right???!!!?? but seriously, check out http://AimeeLoeser.bodybyvi.com/ if you want to know how to get on the program, or contact me. maybe i wont feel like a whale at beach camp with our students in a few weeks!

here are a few pics from when my mom and little bro were here last weekend. my house seems really quiet with out nate and his turkey call! ;) my mom came to be a part of the mother/daughter event i was planning and nate and peter went on the middle school boy camp out. so fun!!! the pics are from dinner. nate begged to go to chuys...no complaining from me though!!

nate is probably 4 inches taller than me...he sat on a stool for this!

love them both!! 

glad we got a least one good one. she is so amazing! i would be lost without her!!

have a great week!
blessings, ALo

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