Saturday, April 28, 2012


the following is the content of an email that i JUST sent out to the awesome staff i work with at COF. i love having coworkers that pray for each other.
hey guys

i know that everyone has a lot going on and needs of their own, but if you could just say a quick prayer for me. i am really struggling today with self doubt and anxiety. peter and i are in the midst of month 2 of some pretty intense hormone treatments and i am not not faring well emotionally today. i know that God has perfect timing and i should just relax and trust...easier said than done today. 

i would love if you would pray and believe with us that this is the month that God chooses for us to become parents again.


aimee (and peter) loeser

part of my issue is that i am exhausted...i have been crazy busy the last two days. so i am just worn out in every aspect. when that happens i tend to start over thinking, and letting my fears/emotions/crazy side get the best of me. either way, today is turning into a hard night. yes, i know that this is nothing compared to what some people face and are going through. but tonight, i am being honest and asking for prayer. i am scared and hurt and utterly confused (and totally whacked out on hormones!).

so, thanks in advance for praying with us and against what satan is telling me tonight.

blessings, ALo

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  1. So sad I didn't make it to hair party this morning... but I am praying for you! I can't imagine the tough combination you must be feeling of hurt/ loss/ hope/ love/ crazy!