Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pill Popper

want the update from todays appointment? keep reading! if not, see ya later! :)

so, i went back to see ms. trudy (the endocrine counselor at my doctor's office). last week i had to have some blood drawn to test my progesterone during days 21-23 of my cycle. today, i got those results and the plan of action. so, the progesterone needs to be above 15 to be "normal", mine was 11.8. the bare bones bottom is 10. so, i have too much man hormone and too little female hormone. awesome!! so, today she prescribed prometrium 100 mg to be taken days 16-30 (or until i start a period, this will hopefully prolong my cycle). this is basically progesterone in pill form. she also has me starting on serephene on days days 4-8 of my cycle. this is to help ovulation, not so different than clomid, just more mild. both have similar side effects as the other drugs i have been one, which i will still continue. so, we are up to 5 hormones/steroids, a pre-natal, and 12 juice plus capsules (4 of each) each day. my counter looks like a pharmacy! trudy also suggested that peter start a few new vitamins to help him...she called it a joint effort, she didnt want him to feel left out in the pill popping department! :) so kind! he is going to start taking 40-50 mg of zinc to up his sperm count, 500 mg vitamin c and 400 iu of vitamin e both to up sperm motility.

here's the plan: take all the meds, "try" days 10, 12, 14, 16 of cycle and pray. if we do not get pregnant this month, peter will have to be "tested" and i will also have to have my cervix dilated (could be too tight to let sperm in). if we do not get pregnant in may, i will have to start follicle searches (sounds creepy and probably is) and injections of hcg (hormone). if we have two follicle searches and round of hcg (that takes us to august) and still no pregnancy we will have to make some more serious decisions (IUI, IVF, etc.). we are also looking into how much insurance will cover depending on how far and much we have to do.

i have faith that God is going to make this all very clear and easy! peter and i have lots of reservations about ALL of this. we will have to do plenty of evaluations if we even get to the point of injections. yikes! thankfully, our doctors are not pushy, strong christians, and also want the best for us. i know that everyone has different opinions on what is or isnt ok as far as fertility. we know that God will make it all very clear for us!

please pray for us as we start some new treatments! pray that peter can continue to handle me! :) please pray that he takes to the vitamins without an issue. he is so awesome and willing to do anything to help us have our family. please pray that i do not have too many side effects to the new meds and mixed the existing meds. of course, both of the new meds have hot flashes listed...GREAT! i will be sweating continuously!! in all seriousness, please pray that God would open my womb and allow us to get pregnant this month. please pray that things would be abundantly clear and stress free for peter and me.

thank you so much for all the prayers and encouragement! i will keep you posted on how things are going!

blessings, ALo


  1. I'm kind of a blog lurker. I pray for you both everyday! Wanted to mention something about the prometrium...if your doc didn't give you a specific time of day to take it, I suggest taking it before bed if you can. I have to take it as well, but for me it's to maintain a of the side effects is nausea/vomiting...I pray you don't experience that...I experience horrible vomiting from it! But if I take it right before bed it's not nearly as bad. God's blessings on you anf your family!

  2. So awesome tho have a plan of action huh? It's great to know the next step!!! Praying for you!
    (If it makes you feel any better, I have too many man hormones too....androgens! And hypothyroidism! We are trying too so I can relate on the stress and pill popping!) Here's to minimal side effects and miracle babies!

  3. Praying for you and love your honesty!

  4. Hoping it works for you! When my hubby and I were trying to get pregnant, I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and (thru charting) learned that my luteal phase (after ovulation until your period) was too short, due to a lack of progesterone. I took Vitamin B50 to help boost it, and it worked. That's a more natural approach, with no synthetic hormones involved. (I have a history of blood clots, and cannot do synthetic hormones.) Just thought I'd share :)