Friday, April 13, 2012


so, i have read all the magazines, seen the commercials/ads, and watched plenty of workout dvds. i want to know why i think that those ladies are normal! ok, so i know that (as previously posted) i am mostly man, but i sweat SO MUCH!! like buckets! i am sweating just thinking about sweating (thank you hormones!). ok, but for real. when i work out i look nothing like the ladies that are in the media ads, etc. they all have perfect hair, mine stands on end. they have perfectly matching and pressed outfits, i am lucky if there arent stains from hair color on my shirt. they are perfectly poised while working out, i am hunched over panting. there is maybe a slight glisten on their forehead, i look like i jumped in a pool with my clothes on! but, somehow, i think i might be the more normal one. when i look in the mirror after a hard work out, i hope to see very rosy cheeks, dripping hair, a wet tshirt, and a smile because i know that i just killed it! so, here are so "encouragement photos" these are after only a 30 min. elliptical work out with my friend, becca. imagine what it is like on a hard day!
holy sweaty! my face is still read after almost 30 min!

even butt crack sweat...yep!
shouldn't this be an ad??!! :)
i would like you to meet my new friend, becca. we met a few months back, but just started getting to know each other more recently. becca is funny (like hysterical!), loves to have fun, sweet, and loves middle schoolers (crazy, right? we have so much in common). becca is a school teacher and a fantabulous volunteer for our youth ministry. becca and i met at the gym yesterday to have a chat about the body by vi challenge (what a great place to meet to talk about weight loss!) while we were there, i asked becca a little bit about her amazing story. short version of the story is that becca has lost 120 pounds in less than 2 years! holy smokes! if you ask her how she did, she will say it was all about changing her eating habits. yes, she does work out. in fact, she usually does 2 a days in the gym (starting with a 5 am workout), but the work outs were not the biggest reason for her weight loss. becca's story and determination was so encouraging and inspiring to me!! she is a real life biggest loser! she uses her life story to encourage her students, her friends, and her family to live life to the fullest with no excuses. becca writes about her journey on her blog...check it out, send her some encouragement. becca will be starting the body by vi challenge next week...i cant wait to see how that works for her! :)
this is becca's before and after so far. AMAZING!!! yes, that is the same shirt!

ok, so in case you are not on instagram here are a few pics from easter, but i am also showing you a pic from morgan's wedding and christmas...can you tell a difference? ps. i started another challenge this week and i am down another 3 pounds! 

good thing you cant see my waist, oh wait, there isnt one, just several chins!
this is our christmas pic, i thought it was great. i was at my biggest...just over 215 pounds and wearing maternity clothes all the time, even though i was not pregnant! at least my hair was trying to cover my chins! 
my sweet friend, robin. love her. and me in a bright sweater on easter sunday!
saturday night easter service with my hubs and "fake sis" maggie!! both this navy dress and the floral dress above are the ones i bought 2 years ago and can finally wear again.
splurged on tex mex! love these people so much!

ok...go get sweaty!! in fact, come to my house and help lay sod grass today (friday 4/13, oh my its friday the 13th!!)...its going to be a GREAT workout!!

blessings, ALo


  1. Awesome work, girl! Love following your adventures!

    I wrote about my sweaty-ness in a blog post before. You might get a kick out of it: