Thursday, April 5, 2012

It fits!

so, i bought two really cute dresses 2 years ago for easter/weddings/whatever. they are both cute and classic, so when i bought them i thought "awesome, i will be able to wear these for a long time." well, then i got pregnant. then i got fat. i have not been able to wear either of them more than twice. UNTIL NOW! i tried both of them on this morning and they both fit! probably even a little better than when i first bought them!

after trying on the dresses, i knew that it was time to pull the trigger on something i had been debating on. i decided it was time to become a distributor for body by vi. if you have been following my blog at all, you know that i have been doing the 90 day challenge. i drink 2 shakes a day and eat a sensible meal. in the beginning i was also working out a lot, but i have had a major mental set back in the gym. anyway, over the last (just over) 3 months, i have lost 30 pounds! WHAT???!!!?? i was skeptical in the beginning with body by vi, but it really is as simple as following the directions.

i dont ever want to be a crazy sales person, but i am proof that this works. not only that, but my doctors are encouraging me to continue. if you want more information, please contact me. you can also go to my page i can help you get started any time. if you would like to try it first, just let me know! :)

guess i need to take a picture this weekend in my looking for those! maybe i will go buy myself a new pair of shoes as a reward! :)

blessings, ALo

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  1. Ah! Way to go Amiee! That is so exciting! I have been debating for about 3 months on this body by Vi stuff. We need to talk. Seriously! :)