Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hitched! little sis is a married woman! it was a whirlwind of a trip for me, but sooooo worth it!

kayla and i spent a few days in ohio together, which was so fun! we went shopping at the outlet mall...she picked out an adorable outfit from j.crew and we picked up a bouquet of silk peonies from pottery barn for liv. she cheered for uncle petey, uncle grant and me at our softball worked, we won! i am pretty sure she colored at least 15 pictures, and ate way too much sugar!! we also went to a really cool park that had a splash area. she even suffered through a little home hair. :) i wish i had a few more pictures, but we all know how great i am at taking pics...not!  so here are a few...
our last night, we realized we didnt have any pics!

kayla looks like her mom here...she wanted a silly face.

this was supposed to be a creepy pic...mine is creepy bc i can stick my tongue up my nostril

in the parking lot when i dropped kayla off

kinda matching shades

her cute new outfit.

 thursday afternoon (after i dropped kayla off) i spent some time with my mom in her pool. it was awesome, except that my little bro kept trying to hit me with "pool golf balls"...not funny, nate! anyway...we got ready and made the drive to coopersville (a little over an hour away) to help miss o get ready for her big night! when we got to brian's (the fiance) parents house, mom and i could tell liv was a little anxious...i totally remember those pre-wedding jitters!!! i tried to joke and laugh, and she played along pretty well. the wedding was set to start at 6:30, by 6:15 olivia was a beautiful bride ready to go! we were all so thankful that the rain had stopped and that everything would happen just as they had hoped! olivia was so pretty (and it had nothing to do with her hair and make-up)!! you could tell that she was so excited to be marrying brian! i think that he was just as excited too. my uncle roger performed the ceremony, which was so great! the ceremony took place on what used to be a baseball field, right on home plate, actually. uncle roger referenced the movie A Field of Dreams (such a good one!). he said that just like in the movie, this day could be the start of olivia and brian's dream life. if they follow their hearts together, they will be blessed. not gunna lie, i got choked up! liv has been through a lot in the last 2 years and i am so excited to see all that God has in store for olivia, brian, and zoe as a family!! uncle roger also encouraged all of us in attendance to pray for and encourage this new family of three to follow their dreams. after the short and totally sweet ceremony, there was a cake and beverages while we all mingled. leave it to my sister to pick an awesome cake...girl after my own heart! one of brain's cousins is a photographer so hopefully there will be some good pics...again, i didnt take very many...i was a little distracted! after mingling and before it rained again, we said goodbye and everyone from "our side" went to dinner down the street. i think the place was a little overwhelmed when a group of 21 walked in with no warning...thats us! :) in all, everything was so great! everything was planned and carried out in a matter of 4 days...litterally! last sunday, brian and liv decided to forego a big wedding for a simple ceremony (and the cash!). they will have a party in august when brian's brother can come from alaska...but this was a great way for them to do things!! i was so excited that i could be there and be a part of my little sister's big day... even down to being there when she picked out her wedding dress (and much more!) which was so fun for both my mom and me!

liv, i am so excited for you and for brian and for zoe! i am so glad that brian loves you from who you are...the real you! i think it is more than awesome that zoe is a priority in brian's life! it was so clear to me, while watching you both say your vows, how much love you have for each other. i will always be here, cheering you on as you grow as a wife, helpmate, and friend to brian. i will be here if you need advice or to chuckle about weird things that boys do! i will pray that God continues to strengthen you personally, as a couple, and as parents. thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. i love you, livvy!! xoxo

here are a few of the pics...sorry i dont have more!

getting ready...

mimi (mom), zoe and liv just before the ceremony

dad and liv walkin the plank :)

sweetie zoe...the best baby ever! 


exchanging rings

love little zoe so much!!

blessings, ALo

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