Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sandra and Matthew

well, peter and i survived the drive from jamestown (ohio) to houston (texas)!! we went through parts of 5 different states...ohio, kentucky, tennessee, arkansas, and texas. we sat in the car for almost 19 hours and we had some really great conversations. of course, my favorite conversations revolved around MASH. yep, the middle school game of future predictions! :) so, first off, peter wanted NOTHING to do with this game! lol!! i had decided at the beginning that we would play "celebrity mash" so that he didnt have to feel too uncomfortable about naming girls we wants to "marry" :) well, he still couldnt come up with names so he made me go first. it was hilarious! here is what was on my paper...mind you, i came up with the first two things and peter had to come up with the third bad one.
husbands: matthew mcconaughey (bc he is a good ole southern boy, and totally good looking), adam sandler (bc he is hilarious and would make me laugh daily), or gary busey (thanks, peter...gross!).
honeymoon locations: tahiti, alaska, or afghanistan.
hometown: malibu, park city, or detroit.
cars to drive: mercedes sl550 (my mimi's), mercedes s550 (my boppa's) or toyota yaris (real get up and go kinda car...).
wedding colors: grey, navy or plaid. my dream job: party planner, pro traveler, or landscaper (ps. i hate to sweat!).
perfect pet: fish, dog, or a squirrel.
husband's job: stay at home comedian, writer, or night road paver.
number of kids: 2, 4, or 0.
so...here is my future...i am going to marry matthew, we are going to live in a shack in park city, utah and have medium wealth. we will go to afghanistan on our honeymoon. our wedding will feature a grey color scheme. i will be a party planner driving a mercedes sl550 and matthew will be a stay at home comedian. we will have a fish but no kids.

here is peter's future: he is going to marry sandra bullock (his choices also included p!nk and rosie odonell). they will live in a house in jamestown, ohio and have medium wealth. they will go to alaska on their honeymoon after their camo themed wedding. peter will be a full time nanny and drive a '63 corvette. sandra will be a fashion designer. they will have a pet llama and have 17 children. WOW!

this literally gave us so many laughs on the drive! the only bad part of the entire 18+ hour drive? i got pulled over :( thankfully the officer let me off with a warning! peter and i were both a little perplexed about the whole situation, but in the end it was fine...i really tried not to get too riled up!

thanks for all the prayers...peter and i can feel them comin! there are still a lot of overwhelming things to happen, but we seem to be doing well and communicating great with each other. we know that we are right where God wants us to be, so we are just riding this wave! we have started our "see ya laters" which really stinks. i am not good at those and i get serious anxiety thinking about leaving...but again we have so much peace about houston and the new job, so its all good.

tomorrow we are going on a house hunting trip, so i will let you know how that goes. just pray that we agree on what we think would be best for our family. we are not in a hurry to buy, but just want to take advantage of our time here. so, i guess its for sure...houston is our new stompin' grounds! :)

blessings, ALo

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