Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let the REBELLION begin

...or in other words, our family reunion! :) every year my mom's side of the family has a long weekend reunion. the past few years it has taken place over the third weekend of july and is ususally hosted or planned by a member of the family. last year we spent our time in park city, utah and the week's events were planned by my cousin drew and his wife abby. by the end of the trip i had somehow been volunteered/offered to plan the next year's trip. :) so, i got right on it and started planning a trip for the outer banks of the carolinas...BUT...do you know how hot it is in july in the carolinas? UGH!!! so, after a few months, and my mimi's suggestion to stay away from the heat and bugs, it was decided to have the annual Miller Rebellion at gull lake in richland, mi. gull lake has been a part of our family summers since my mimi was growing up. now days there are quite a few of us that get together...mimi and boppa have 4 kids (mike, cindy, sara-aka mom, and sally), a daughter-in-law (pam), 2 son-in-laws (craig and bill), 16 grandkids (amanda, luke, cj, jordan, drew, dusty, me, jonathan, grant, olivia, nate, beau, brett, alexandra, ashlyn, alyson), 9 grandkind-in-laws (joe-almost, paige, autumn, abby, aj, peter, whitney, brian, kristen), and 4 great grand kids (tucker, kayla, carter and zoe) with 2 more on the way. this year, because of being in ohio and all that peter and i have been going through the last few months, i have planned this to be a pretty low key week. my mom has played a HUGE part in planning this weeks events with some help from my aunt pam too. just so we know, this would not have even begun to happen without my mom taking initiative!! so, thanks for getting us this far mom!! ok, so we didnt go to the beach because it is the end of july and usually so hot, but michigan summers are just plain perfect...until this week! of course it is going to be the hottest week michigan has seen in over 30 years! i think it is probably that way all over the country, but i cant help to take it personally...not really, but you know what i mean :) we have changed a few of our events during the rebellion so that someone doesnt end up in the hospital...speaking of that...please be praying for my uncle wild bill. he had to have an emergency appendectomy TODAY. we are glad that he and aunt sally figured out what was going on before it was too late, but selfishly i am hoping that he makes a very quick recovery so that he can come hang out...i wont even make him play any games...just come and sit in the pool or the lake! :) anyway, this is going to be so fun, even if all we do is sit inside the house with the air conditioning blowing! :) this week will be loaded with some serious family time, games and team competitions, spa appointments, boat rides, swimming and hot air balloon rides (!!!). but the big event is on saturday when we will be celebrating my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary!!!! there will be over 100 people here...all family from both near and far...all because of the life and love of my grandparents. if it werent for them, my life would be so different. i am more than blessed to have them and i cant wait to celebrate...even in the heat! i can only hope to spend 60 years with my best friend. it is so awesome to watch my grandparents interact with each other and share their lives together after so many years!

 look for pictures from this week after i have recovered on sunday :)

love on your family this week!!

blessings, ALo

ps. cj and autumn, jordan, and ashlyn...i will miss having you guys here!! know that you are all loved and thought of even if you cant be here this week! so glad that you are all following what God has for you in your lives...keep going strong!!

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