Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tis the Season

for weddings!!! i love weddings. i love everything about weddings. i love doing hair for weddings. in fact, i have done hair for 3 weddings in just one week! i love to do hair, anytime and anywhere and i love weddings...BUT...brides make me sooo nervous! i make sure that we do a trial run before hand so that i am not walking in blind and unsure of what i am up against, but that doesnt always mean much. i get so nervous because i know how special the day is for the bride. i know they want to look their absolute best all day, not just for pictures. i have been doing hair for over 3 years (not long in comparison to some) and i feel like i have seen all types of brides, but this week i was soooo blessed that each of the girls were super laid back!! is it weird that those girls make me even more nervous? i mean, the pushy/crazy ones will always speak up and tell me what they really think, but the "laid back" ones may let things slide and just say "oh well, this will work." let's not forget to mention that i am a serious freak about hair...especially brides' hair and how pins show...does not always go well with nerves! :)

last saturday i was a part of amy's wedding in grand rapids. she is a cousin of my cousin abby. when i did amy's trial run, she came to my mom's house and we had quite the audience...something that i am sure did not make her super comfortable, but she was a real trooper. she wanted to look a lot like she normal would, just a little more dressed up. love it...thats what i wanted too! :) the only thing we didnt practice was the veil, but we knew we had scheduled plenty of time the day of in case of a snafu. of course that is what happened that day! i, for the life of me, could not get her veil the way i wanted it to look! amy was so patient and in the end it was perfect...she was a glowing bride, so excited to marry her now hubby!! i also did hair for 4 of her bridesmaids and stayed for touch-ups after pictures...sure was a beautiful day for a wedding!!!

before the freak out on the veil
at the reception...after the veil was taken off.
thursday after amy's wedding i did my sister's (olivia) hair for her wedding. we didnt do a trial run for her wedding because it was planned so quickly, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway. i boss her around all the time and thursday was no different. i told her to sit down and let me do what i wanted to :) she didnt argue. i did let her think she had a say, but we all know she really didnt! :) liv has been growing her hair out and i had toyed with leaving it down, but the day of the wedding was very humid after the rain and i knew that the curls would not stay well...so, up it went! she looked great...pretty grown up! like my grandma said that day, Olivia sure did clean up nice!

the last wedding of the week was for my sweet friend aubree. aubs and ty got married july 3 in canton, ohio. it was super warm out but so pretty! aubs and i had set up a schedule to stay on track the week before the wedding...schedule started at 9:15 am and we finished at 1:45 pm. my hands were pretty well coated in hairspray, but i loved every minute of it!! back in early may (i think) aubree and i did her trail run...this is what it looked like...
soft swept

curls and texture low and centered in back.

we knew that there would be a flower pin added, but other than that, we were both happy with it. well, this not at all what we did sunday! :) when i walked into the hotel aubs told me she wanted to change it up. not going to lie, i had an internal freak out moment! then she showed me the pic and i really freaked out!! not because it was a bad pic, but i for real didnt think i could do it...mostly because we didnt have extensions to work with. in the end it was gorgeous...one of my favorite bride hairstyles i have done in a while! thanks for shaking it up, aubs! when we were finished i thought it was smooth sailing for the last two bridesmaids...thanks tara for proving me wrong! :) talk about the heaviest and silkiest hair!! good thing i like you enough not to just shave your head!!!

braid on each side. curls low and off the side

some of the back

our group of friends at the wedding. so fun!!!

so, moving to houston will put an end to my home hair days for a while, which is sad! hopefully i will make friends fast with people who need a new stylist!! :) by the way things are going well on the move front after talking with a relocation company...guess we are really moving!!

blessings, ALo

ps. if i stole your pic for this post...thanks! :)

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