Tuesday, January 18, 2011


peter and i have decided to read through the bible in a year. i am sad to say that i have tried to do this before i have always quit. today is day three and so far i am still really excited and on track! last night peter and i read the passages just before bed (we wont always read at the same time, but it just so happened that way last night). the nice thing about this plan is that we will read a passage from the old testament, psalms, proverbs and the new testament. this way we will break things up and not get too bored with some of those LONG passages of who begot who! :) anyway, last night we read matthew 2-3:6. in case you have not read that passage lately, it basically is when joseph is told to take mary and jesus to egypt to escape herod's tirade and insecurity. herod did not want to be upstaged or overthrown by a toddler, so he decided to kill all males 2 years old and under...oh my word!!! so, peter and i were talking after the reading and it is just unfathomable to me what those parents must have felt and went through. i know what i am feeling now and my situation is no where near that, i dont know...crazy! my heart just broke! after all that we have been facing i have found that i approach things differently, especially things with children. even though there are so many stories of pain and suffering in the bible, there are so many more of healing and joy...i cant wait to read these and be reminded of God's love for us. i am also so blessed to have a husband who has encouraged me to do this with him and has been a strong go to prayer partner the last week and a half.

thank you, Lord, for all that you have blessed me with. thank you for the small reminders throughout the day of your love. God, thank you so much for peter and his support in all areas of my life!

friends, please be in prayer for my new friend through blogging, lisa hussman and her baby jaxton. please click the button on the side (praying for jaxton) to see their story and what they need specifically! lisa has been an incredible encouragement to me the last few weeks and she has been on my heart today! thank you!

blessings, ALo


  1. are you due may2011? my baby has fluid around his neck & heart also? I am due in June2011..

  2. wendy, my baby had turner syndrome. she passed away january 8, at just over 21 weeks. feel free to email me with any questions or jsut to chat. i am so sorry to hear that your sweet baby is having some complications. i will be praying for you!