Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Left side, Strong Side

today was a good day. the worst part was the wait before the appointment, but i totally felt the prayers, encouragement, and support from so many people. thanks!!

my ultrasound showed several good follicles on my left side. they didnt see any on the right side, but i dont know if that is normal or abnormal since my left side was so good. either way, because we had some good ones, i got the hcg injection. actually, it was two shots because there is so much hormone to administer...it doesnt all fit in one syringe! so my love handles are feeling a little tender. the upside to having love handles is that i didnt feel them administering the shots! :) i have more than an inch to pinch. but please look at this picture. this is the box that my shot came in...check out the name of the medicine...

is that a joke? you just shot me up with gonads???!!!??? oh my word! dr. todd tried to reassure me that this was not the full name...apparently it didnt all fit on the label. but why would they abbreviate the last word and not the first word? i am confused. i am already more man than woman...this makes me nervous!! it did bring a few laughs, which was awesome!

tomorrow we are all set and scheduled to go ahead with the IUI. peter and i have to be there at 9am. peter will have to give his sample, we will wait anywhere from 45 min to an hour and half for it to get "washed down", then we will go see dr. todd and i will get turkey basted. we will then wait 30 minutes or so. hopefully we will be home by noon, but that is me being optimistic! :) either way...this could be the day we get pregnant again!!! the beginning of a dream come true for us. we are already celebrating...believing it will happen! i have made 60 cupcakes! some for the nurses and doctors tomorrow and some for our friends that are bringing lunch when we get home. they are not frosted yet, so i will show you a picture tomorrow. i made almond funfetti from scratch! i also bought really cute liners...everything is bright, fun, celebratory!

speaking of cupcakes...another awesome moment at the doctors office today...my nurse said i looked smaller than when i was there 10 days ago, so she thought i should weigh in. i was so glad that she noticed how hard i have been working!! i was down just over 5 pounds! i weigh 15 pounds less than i did when i got pregnant with Charlotte, and i weigh 7 pounds less than i did when i got married! i guess that is good motivation not to sample too many of my baking creations and keep doing the shakes and work outs!! getting ready to be pregnant!!!

so, my prayer for tomorrow is simple. Lord, open my womb! Lord, allow us to conceive a healthy baby!

Romans 5:13 May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace in your faith; that by the power of the Holy Spirit, your whole life and outlook may be radiant with hope.

blessings, ALo


  1. I love you!!! I'm praying now and will be praying tomorrow!!!

  2. Praying for you both today...:)
    Love ya and hope we can get together soon!
    - Bethany