Monday, July 9, 2012

Am I Normal?

i have serious problems...a few of them!

1. my room looks like a tornado went through it. yep, its that bad! while my closet is clean, my bedroom floor is COVERED in clean clothes. i still have a suitcase from camp on the floor, half full of clean clothes. why can i not take care of my stuff? i just rifle through the piles to find what i want to wear. there are never dirty clothes there, just clean ones. i really need to get a handle on that. more for the sanity of my husband, but also for my pride when someone walks in there.

2. i only have 2 sports bras that fit me/are not falling apart right now. i am back on a gym kick, so only having two puts a serious damper on me...i usually only do laundry twice a week. now, i have to do it every other day. does anyone have any good suggestions for good, supportive, high quality sports bras for a girl with more than my share? yes, i would gladly share/give them up, but since we cant really do that, i need a help so that i dont knock myself out while working out!

3. i am not good at saying no. i have written several posts about that. i have been really trying, but still really struggle. today i said no. it was not super hard to do, which was nice. it was also not something that put anyone out in any big way, but it still felt good. i am often outspoken and bossy and pretend to have a hard exterior, but i hate to disappoint a fault and much to my husband's chagrin. i am still workin on it!

4. i have been crying at the drop of a hat this week. i have no idea why!! during movies, during tv shows, during normal conversations, etc. i have cried several times over good stuff this week and i have cried over stupid stuff this week!! holy hormones!! thankfully, nothing sad this week! just crazy lady crying! :) my poor friends, family and peter! so glad everyone is supportive! they are probably going to need a support group with each other to deal with!

guess those are my random thoughts for today. enjoy! :)

blessings, ALo


  1. Luke's locker for sports bras. That's where I got my favorite one that seems to work best. Try them.

  2. I hear great things about Athleta bras and they are awesome with returns for free and if you don't like it in 6 months, they'll still give you your money back!! There are also lots of good comments from other ladies that might help too =)