Monday, July 30, 2012

Heaven is Sweeter

today has been a crazy day, full of some every day things and then some serious baking for a lunch party at work tomorrow. i even had a surprise lunch date with was great. being busy the last few days has made my days fly by...the "waiting til wednesday" hasnt been nearly as bad as i thought!

two sad things this week:

friday i took a meal to a new mom. she was put on our meals team schedule by a friend of hers that goes to the church. christina is living with her parents right now, but that is all i knew about her. when i got there, she was the only one there with her teeny tiny baby. she told me that baby brayden was born two weeks early. he was very small and under weight due to christina being under a lot of stress and not eating much herself the last few months of her pregnancy. she went on to tell me that her husband had been killed two months prior to the baby's birth. he was run over by a truck while at work. :( they had been trying to have children for a while and had suffered through two miscarriages before getting pregnant this last year. christina told me she was so thankful for all the help that her parents were giving her. not only is she still adjusting to a newborn's schedule, she is still in the middle of grieving for her husband. i cried with her in her kitchen. after praying with her, i left so heartbroken for her! it was so sad!!! please be praying for christina and her new baby. please pray that God show Himself to her in a very real way right now.

over this weekend, my sister miscarried her baby. i am so sad for her. she went to the doctor this afternoon, and thankfully she is not in any pain anymore, and everything passed naturally, so she will not need to have any surgery/procedures. liv and brian seem to be doing quite well. they know that God has a plan for them! she told me she thought it was helpful that her body had been responding for over a gave her a chance to process it all. please pray for olivia and brian as they go through the next few weeks/months trying to process. they are planning to try again in the next few months. please pray God will give them great time together as a couple in the mean time. i know that Charlotte is up in Heaven just welcoming and taking care of her sweet cousin...i cant wait to get there to see them both!! what a sweet moment that will be!

i know that so many of you have been praying for me and for peter...thanks. i hope to have some really good new this week! please be praying for these two women...christina and olivia. thanks!

blessings, ALo

ps. i will be posting some recipes for you tomorrow...including the best pound cake EVER recipe!!! :)

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's miscarriage. I will be praying for her and her husband, and also for Christina. As always, I am praying for you and Peter! Love you!