Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just a few more

so, the wait continues! i have been asked by so many if i know anything yet. i wish i did. this is just as hard for me as it is for you! (well, probably a little harder for me and peter, but you know, whatever) as i was sitting on the couch tonight watching "big brother" (ps. some of these people are so dumb! where do they come from? its like the line from tommy boy: "Hi, im earth, have we met?" "uh, i dont think so.") and researching IUIs, the next step, the waiting, etc. and i realized that we will have to wait longer than normal to be for sure, for sure pregnant. i could take a test 3 days before my missed period, but because of my hcg injection, i could get a false positive. hcg is the hormone that gives you a positive prego test result. so, the most accurate way of testing is to wait until i have missed a period and then test and then still go in for a blood test. so, instead of knowing for sure on sunday, we will all have to wait just a few more days until next wednesday/thursday. TORTURE!!!

speaking of elevated hcg levels, please be praying for my sister!! olivia and her hubby (brian) found out a few weeks ago that they are expecting the first part of march! this is liv's second baby and last saturday i got a text stating they were heading to the ER because she was spotting and cramping. thankfully, she was discharged after hearing the baby's heart beat (healthy 144 bpm). monday she returned to the doctor because she was still concerned. the doctor was not as concerned about the spotting, that should subside soon (she is just under 8 weeks right now) and so should the cramping. good news is that her cervix is still very much closed, but her hcg levels are not quite where they should be. she has to go in every two days for blood work to check her levels. if they dont go up, that could indicate a problem (potential miscarriage). if they start to climb, she should be ok. please pray that God would continue to grow this healthy baby. please pray the hcg level go up where they need to be. please pray that my sister is able to rest like she is supposed to. olivia has an 18 month old (zoe) at home that is very active and wants her mommy to play all the time. please pray that brian and olivia will be able to relax and not get stressed out (easier said than done) and that they will be able to encourage each other through this emotional and scary time. this is one of those times that i wished i lived closer so that i could just go get my niece and take her home with me for a while! wish i could be there to make them some meals and bring liv some movies to watch or a craft to do on the couch. i am praying for this sweet new niece/nephew that i already love so much!!!!
Brian, Olivia, and Zoe. this is the pic they posted to announce their pregnancy.
i also just posted the cutest video of zoe on my facebook page. makes me smile every single time i watch it! my brothers were videoing and you can just tell she was thinking "i am not sure if i should do this for them or not...ok, fine!" lol!!

hope you guys are all enjoying summer! we had a beach day with the high schoolers today and we go tomorrow with the middle schoolers...i love my job! :)

blessings, ALo

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  1. Amy, I had this problem with one of my advice is to have your sister ask if she can be on Progesterone until about 12 weeks when the placenta starts to make this itself. It saved my 3rd from being a miscarriage. I started bleeding at 7 weeks....about 4 days after taking it my spotting stopped and my pregnancy continued and I delivered an 8lb 8oz baby. I just felt better knowing I was doing everything possible to save the pregnancy...the waiting is the hardest. Feel free to email me for more info if you need it