Monday, February 27, 2012

Friendly Visit

this weekend some of our awesome friends from ohio came to visit. jon, lindsey, and baby violet fulton came in on thursday and just left (very) early this morning. we had a blast!! i had to work every day that they were here, but they were very understanding and we all made the best of our time. basically, we just laid around! saturday we all went to galveston...not the best was freezing, rainy, and galveston is not the nicest place, but we laughed a lot and made great memories! my favorite part of that day was when we went to this little shop on the strand that had some very unique books. our favorite (which lindsey bought) is called "thats disgusting" it is so gross/weird/creepy/not for kids! here are a few pics of the book...there are probably 15 or so pages. the first page is not too bad, but by the end things get out of control! 
Linds demonstrating her fav. page.
nice cartoon
a little smellier than play doh

see what i mean...gross! while the fultons were here we also went to some of our favorite places to eat here around our house. we hit up everything from pizza, to tex mex, to a deli, to texas barbecue, and sea food in galveston. the best part of the weekend was hanging out with sweet little violet. she is absolutely precious!! peter and i have been friends with jon and lindsey since we were in college. it is so awesome to see them as parents and doing a great job at it! here are a few pics of sweet little violet (she turns one in a few weeks). 
At lunch thursday, it was 80 and sunny, she was happy! 
a little breezy at Chuy's, but she can pull off the hat!
playin on the steps, she is super active.
violet wasnt loving galveston! aren't my friends so cute???!!?? 
first time at the beach for violet...too bad it was so cold! 
had to get one with my hubs. love him!!
violet was glad to be home after church and lunch. cutest outfit ever, wish you could see the whole thing!

i hated getting up at 4:15 this morning, but i was so glad that the fultons were here!!!! they booked this trip before i even moved here officially! love that! thanks so much, guys! we love you! 

so...quick update: i went to see my ob nurse practitioner last week on that point i was 2 days late, but she thought it was because of all the antibiotics and me being sick. they did a quick blood test which came back negative for pregnancy. before i left she gave me an order for a blood work panel work up. the blood work had to be done on day 3 or 4 of my period. i started friday, so i had the blood work done today. i will go on march 12 to see the endocrinologist/hormone specialist. we will go over the results from today and also do an ultrasound with dye to see if there are any blockages anywhere. if all of those things are inconclusive, peter will probably have to do a few tests. so...please that if there is an issue, it is something simple, preferably with me (not that he cant handle it, i would just feel better if it were me, not him)! i am feeling fine about everything right now, but we will see if that changes on the 11th! :) thanks for all the prayers, support, advice, encouragement, etc. since my last post. it is hard some days, but i know that God is in control, none of this is a surprise to Him. i know that He loves both of us so much! i know that He has started a good work in me and that work will continue until He returns (Philippians 1:6). that has been a HUGE encouragement to me. i am praying that i continue to look for the good work of God in my life, even in the trial, especially in the trial. 

blessings, ALo

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