Tuesday, February 14, 2012


i know that it has been a few days. i have been super sick and have not been up for anything.

i need you to pray!!! a sweet friend of mine here in texas has a nephew due in just a few weeks, but something has gone wrong. baby thatcher is due in about 4 weeks and up until this point, his mom's (whitney) pregnancy has been routine. aunt robin (my friend) was just at a huge baby shower for him three weeks ago, and when i was asking about thatcher on saturday everything was great. whitney had a routine 34 week appointment on monday and things did not look "normal". i do not know whitney and her hubby eric well...we have met once. here is a brief update from a facebook note on eric's page. PLEASE PRAY!!! we know that God is working...we know that the story is not over. this is whitney's second pregnancy, she suffered a miscarriage between five and seven weeks with her first baby. again, PLEASE PRAY!!!!

my heart is breaking for whitney and eric and for my friends (aunt and uncle) robin and blake.

from eric's page:

Hi Friends,

There's a lot to share so I thought a note would work best. We went to my wife's obgyn this morning for Thatcher's 36 wk visit, and 3rd trimester ultrasound. On the ultrasound he measured a little small at 4.11 lbs so her doctor decided to do a non-stress test to make sure his heart rate was good and was reacting normal with movements. Thatcher failed that test, so we were sent to the hospital to try again and to get a biophysical profile (an ultrasound where they test his amniotic fluid, his movement, his lung/diaphragm movement, and placenta.) He failed the nst again and on the bpp the radiologist found swelling in both ventricles of Thatchers brain caused by an old brain bleed that had gone unnoticed. We were sent downtown for further testing and for an MRI to see what brain damage were looking at. Since arriving downtown Thatcher has PASSED a non-stress test, weighed in at 5.4 lbs and has more fluid around him! So MRI has been postponed and another bpp has been scheduled for 8 am tomorrow. They claim the drs in the woodlands may have misread the original nsts and the bpp and they are reassured with the way thatcher is responding. We know these positive results are the outcome of God's healing power from our friends and family praying on our behalf! We are now asking all of you to join us in boldly asking God to completely heal Thatcher and stump the specialists who are coming to do an ultrasound at 8am tomorrow! Thank you for praying with us for our sweet baby Thatcher!!!

Update from today (2/14) after the MRI:

We got the results from the MRI this evening, the doctors have basically given up on Thatcher, they said that the MRI revealed that there is significant attrophe to thatchers brain in both the upper and lower parts, they do not know how long he will live once he comes and they don't know that he will even make it to delivery. They have told us to enjoy what time we have with him and prepare as best we can... We have not given up. We know Thatcher is God's child, he is still here and he is still alive and we will continue to pray boldly for healing fully knowing that God is bigger than anything, any ailment or disease or sickness. Thatcher is still kicking and we rejoice in every move that he makes, we will fiercely love this child no matter what Gods will is for him. Thank you so much for your prayers and support this far, please continue to pray for healing.

We love you all and are so humbled by your prayers. Facebook and text messages are fine but please allow us some time to wrap our minds around all of this and take it all in.

thank you for joining me in prayer!

blessings, ALo


  1. Will be praying lots for this family and their baby boy to be. Keep us updated!

  2. Girl, I will be praying for them! Such heartbreaking news but still an awesome testament to waiting on the Lord and seeking His faithfulness and healing!

  3. Joining with you in prayer for this family. God is able!