Thursday, February 2, 2012

20 Down

as of 6:30 this morning, i have lost 20 pounds since november! when i came on staff at cof, i started working out at a local la fitness with some of the "young people". i saw some change in the beginning, but not a HUGE difference. i knew that the biggest issue was what i was eating. with the holidays right around the corner, i made a very small effort to change my eating and kinda slacked on my workouts but still lost a few pounds. as of january 2, i really started to change things up and work out really hard! i started doing a 90 day challenge with "body by vi" a shake/meal replacement system. i traded out breakfast and lunch for shakes, started drinking a TON of water, taking multi vitamin supplements, and trying to eat a more sensible dinner. sometimes i have opted to eat lunch and drink a shake at dinner...either way, 2 shakes and a meal. i have cut out snacks for the most part and i try very hard to just drink water. there are days when a diet coke really hits the spot...a total necessity! :) anyway. in 30 days, i have lost 8 inches!! i hate to say it is just because of body by vi, because i have been working hard in the gym, but i also know that i would not have seen this much change with out the shakes. i am so excited! i feel so much better. i actually do not despise the workouts as much and my clothes, especially a particular pair of jeans, are fitting so differently. i have another 60 days to go...hopefully i will continue to stick to it! i could be where i was when i got married in no time...only this time be way more toned! my ultimate goal is still 40 pounds away. if i am not pregnant, i would love to see that number by may!

thanks for the encouragement! i guess i should have taken a picture...i will get on that...i still havent said/posted anything about my new hair either. ok, i promise to do that this weekend! :)

blessings, ALo

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