Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Day of Firsts

a post of firsts:

1. today my sweet friend, lisa, announced that she is having her first girl. yep, same lisa that thought she was going to be having another boy in june. turns out that when they say they are 95% sure there is still that 5% of uncertainty! :) so happy for her!! i already bought baby girl two cute outfits and some headbands (of course!).

2. today i helped put slats in a fence to make a privacy fence. i helped transform a regular chain link fence into a cool, school colored, privacy fence. our church is helping to transform a local elementary school. over two days and with about 2000 other COF members, we have put in a baseball field, a track, a garden, a covered sandbox, new fencing, painted the interior (including the gym), held a carnival, all new landscaping, and tons more! we were hoping to do 2 soccer fields, but last i heard they probably were not going to get done today because of the wet mud. it was our own extreme makeover for a school that was more than deserving. over 86% of the students at this school are on free/reduced lunch and many go home on the weekends to no food. this project needs it own post with looking for that soon.

3. i also got my first sunburn of the year today. yeah, see #2...we were there for almost 4 hours. i am really pale. i didnt wear suncreen. sadly, i am not the only one! oops! it was a gorgeous day here...sunny and just under 70 with a breeze. perfect for manual, outdoor labor!

4. peter cut my hair. actually, this is not a first. it is a just a first in that it is the first time i have allowed him to touch my hair since i have been professionally trained. we were both scared. he tried very hard to refuse! i wish i had a picture of this event but i am really glad that i do not have a picture of the very first time! so, not long after we got married, i asked peter to cut my hair for me. we were trying to save money, and i thought that because he was so meticulous about everything else, and because he was studying to be an engineer that it wouldnt be a big deal. knowing what i know now, what i was asking him to do is by far one of the more difficult haircuts...a "simple" bob, same length all the way around with no layers (to hide imperfections). he didnt know that wet hair "shrinks" up. he didnt know that you had to have good, even tension...he didnt know anything about cutting hair. and these are the scissors i asked him to use:
yikes!!! those are medium sized Fiskers craft scissors. not hair cutting scissors, craft scissors!! i should have known it was going to end badly. but, we were young. i thought my hubby could do anything (i still do, honestly). its a bad sign when about 3/4 of the way through he says, "you kinda look like darth vader with this helmet on." excuse me, what??!!!?? i am not the biggest star wars fan, but i do know that darth's helmet is "shorter in the front and longer in the back" type of style. NOT what i was going for...not at all!!! it was terrible. it was worse than terrible! i had to pay a lot of money to have it fixed! (i blamed the bad haircut on my brother's friend...said i was her model while she was in hair school...i could not tell the stylist i was just being cheap...) tonight i begged peter to cut my hair again. after his last experience he was more than reluctant. he didnt really end up doing much other than holding the mirror for me and making sure i didnt cut my finger off. he did a great job! thanks, hubby! we did get a few good laughs.

it has been a great day! i hope that you all feel the same way!! enjoy your sunday!

blessings, ALo

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