Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time for an update!

well, this last week has been crazy! after wearing ourselves out in ohio, peter and i both got pretty nasty colds this week. oh well...we rarely get sick, so i guess we were due. although i did make homemade chicken noodle soup that was delicious!

nate is now home from the hospital!! praise the Lord! i know that he has a long few months ahead of him, but he is a tough kid and will be just fine! thanks for all the prayers for him and my mom! they were greatly appreciated!

so, 2 more things...

1. my sweet, beautiful, crazy, loving friend lisa is pregnant!!! woohoo!! i have been holding this in for months!!! it has been so hard not to write something here or on her facebook page! today lisa, josh, and jake found out they were going to be having another sweet baby boy. here is the video and some pictures!

Baby Husmann #3

lisa and i have been through SO MUCH together in the past year. it seems like we have been friends for so much longer...she just knows me so well. i know that lisa had a really hard time telling me that she was pregnant. she knew that peter and i had been trying for several months and she just wants it for us about as badly as we want it for ourselves. i couldnt be happier for lisa and her family. yes, i wish i were pregnant too, but that does not make me any less happy for her. lisa is an awesome mom to both of her boys (jake and jaxton) and this next one is more than blessed to join the club! i love you, friend! i know that last year was one of the hardest ever, and you have always been more than supportive of me through it all. thanks for loving my Charlotte. i know she and Jaxton are best buddies, just like us! and...i cant wait to be a part of this little one's life, even from houston! :)

2. so, lisa has a HUGE part in this one too, really it is all about her! remember how i was helping get the word out about lisa collecting wedding dresses last spring? well, this past weekend lisa organized a sewing day to finish several baby dresses. at the end of the day, the remaining dresses were divided up so that the ladies could work on the dresses at home. when the dresses are finished they will be sent to lisa and she will then take them to the hospital to be given to families who have to say good bye to their babies much too soon. this will give them something beautiful to wrap their babies in. when lisa first "met" charlotte (meaning we shared a special time in the hospital not long after Jaxton was born...i showed lisa my pictures of Charlotte and she showed them to Jaxton. still brings tears to my eyes thinking about how special that was for each of us.) she looked at me and immediately said, "i want to do something special in her memory. i want to donate my wedding dress to make baby dresses." needless to say, lisa wasted NO time in starting the cause. lisa collected somewhere around 30 dresses from women all over the country! (by the way, at this time, she is not collecting any more dresses. when there is another opportunity for that, i will let you know) as sad as it is that she felt the need to do this, it makes me so happy at the same time. the dresses are beautiful!! as each dress is made, i am praying for family that will receive them. i wish there was more that i/we could do, but prayers will have to be enough. i wish that i had had a beautiful dress like this for Charlotte, but that is why lisa is doing this. and i love her for it!! here are a few pictures from the sewing day!
Ladies working away!
lisa (center, leaning over) and some friends cutting and prepping

getting the dresses ready

4 of the finished products. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

 i had given lisa my dress months ago, asked for it back when i made the canvas with Charlotte's sand art and lace, and still had the dress when we moved. so, i dont remember if i told you or not, but the ONLY thing missing from the move is that canvas with the lace. for real. i am devastated. the moving company is looking into it, but i am keeping my dress until i either get the original canvas back or i have to make another one. i am really hoping they find it, becuase i really dont want to have to make another. it was one of those things that i did that was very healing for me and now it would just feel like a chore that i really dont want to do!! but, lisa and i are saving our dresses for last anyway, so i have time. just hope with me that it "shows up" some where!! :) here it is...please excuse the unfinished painting...we did finish it before we moved! :)

i hope that you all have a great night! i am finishing this week so excited for my friend lisa and all that is happening in her life. please pray that this baby continues to grow on track! please pray for lisa and josh as they prepare (in every way) for another baby! please pray for lisa as they are approaching Jaxton's first birthday at the end of february. please pray that i can be a great friend to her through the next several months!!

blessings, ALo

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