Saturday, January 7, 2012


a year ago right now, peter and i had been sitting in a labor and delivery room for 8 hours. i had been given a few doses of induction meds, we had both eaten hospital food for lunch and dinner, a few friends had come and gone, flowers had been delivered, and both of our moms were there with us.

i really cant believe it has been a year already! some days the memories and emotions still seem so raw (but if you read my blog you know that!). i remember, quite vividly, everything that was said, how things felt, the prayers that were begged, and tears that were cried. i cant believe it has been a year since we started our good-bye to Charlotte.

tonight, i am pretty ok. i have talked about Charlotte so much the last few days and it has been very helpful. thank you to all you have listened and offered support and tissues! tonight, i am glad that i will get more sleep than i did a year ago. tonight, i am thankful that i know exactly where Charlotte is...that i know she is healthy and safe and happy!

i cant believe it has been a year already. i am praying that i dont have some major freak out moment tomorrow, at least not in public, when reality hits me. i pray that my time with peter celebrating Charlotte is a time of sweet memories and hope for the future. we never thought that the last year would have had the turns and dips that it did...we are praying God keeps us on our toes, in a good way, this year!

thanks for all the prayers...i am definitely feeling them all tonight!!

blessings, ALo

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