Tuesday, November 8, 2011


today, on day 8, i am thankful for laughter. i love to laugh...and it usually doesnt take much to get at least a smile out of me.

this video has made me giggle, several times! :) i have watched it three different times. i think it is a little mean, because i know that i would have responded the same way, but i still cant help but laugh! the last two little boys are the best!!

today one of my best friends, kristin (aka pooter), had her third little boy. keller david was born at 2:02 pm 7 lb. 4oz and 20". everyone seems to be doing great!!! today, i smiled when i saw this picture of keller...i am so thankful for him and his whole family!! wish i could have been there to welcome him into the world!

"a day without laughter is a day wasted" charlie chaplin

blessings, ALo

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