Wednesday, November 16, 2011


i didnt blog yesterday, but not because i wasnt thankful for just got to be very late too soon! yesterday i was thankful for my big comfy couch!! peter and i babysat for jason (the youth pastor) and jacqueline's kids (caylem 6 and caylee 2). our friends, rachel and amos and their little boy, levi (2) came over too. by the end of the night we were all piled on the couch, chillin!! i am thankful for my new, big, comfy couch!!!

today i am thankful for God's protection and blessing of safety!!! i was involved in a minor car accident today...thankfully no one was hurt and there was not serious damage to the vehicles, but i was still pretty shaken up by it! jason (the college/young adult/foundations pastor) and gena and their family of five kids are in the process of moving. i asked jason the other day if i could help out and we agreed that me taking the kids for a while would be good for jason and gena and fun for me. i had been looking forward to it for a few days!! this morning, when i saw jason in the gym, he had warned me that his kids loved to play jokes and pranks on people. in fact, yesterday the prank they were pulling last for over an hour on someone else! so, being warned, i was ready for anything with these crazy kids! i went to the house to get the kids right after school, switched cars with jason (i can not legally carry five kids in my 4runner, so i took their expedition) and then we were off to the dollar store for snacks before going to see the movie "puss in boots". as we were leaving the dollar store, we were t-boned in the parking lot. the other driver did not look for oncoming traffic before pulling out! :( thankfully, neither of us were going fast. unfortunately, he hit us on the passenger side back seat door...right where jacob was sitting (i think jacob is 7). he must have been pretty shaken up because he quickly traded places with one of his older brothers once we were stopped. i called jason immediately to ask him to come up to the parking lot to help me deal with the situation. the accident happened right in front of a home depot, and as it turned out, jason was right inside that home depot buying paint for the new house. i know that it was not a coincidence...God was just looking out for my sanity by not making me wait long for help! by the time the police came (which was apparently not needed because a parking lot is private property) and everything was sorted out, we had missed too much of the movie. so, we decided that i would take the kids over to a fast food restaurant for dinner while jason finished up at home depot. while pulling into the restaurant, i hear alyssa (the youngest, 6) say, "oh, no!! my gatorade is spilling all over me!!" oh great!!! not just any was red...and it was all over her clothes, the seat, and the floorboard!! poor thing, she did not want to get out of the car. her brothers kept telling her that it looked like she peed her pants. :( wow...what an afternoon! gena called me to tell me not to worry about it...that the kids were fine, that the clothes and car could be washed, and that the kids still wanted to see the movie with me! these kids were so great through the whole thing!! the oldest, caleb (12) was such a big help with the younger kids! by the end of dinner, the kids were cracking jokes about everything that had happened. we even joked about this being a bad prank. they cant wait to see what i can pull off on our next outing! :) i am so thankful that both jason and gena were gracious and understanding about the situation! i am sooooo thankful that no one was hurt!!!

i promise that i am a good driver and responsible when put in charge of was just not a good example! :) here's to hoping my road trip tomorrow with rachel goes much better!!!

blessings, ALo

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