Wednesday, November 23, 2011


two today!!

yesterday i was thankful for chick-fil-a. i seriously love that place!!! it is one of the few fast food places that i dont feel like getting sick after eating there! plus, the price it totally right! :)

today i am thankful for helpful hands! my sister-in-law laura has been a huge help in the kitchen this week! i am not sure that i could pull off thanksgiving without her. bob, laura's hubby, has also done his share around the fact, he and peter built a fire pit in the backyard this afternoon!!! i am thankful for fire pits!!

now, everyone needs to come pit and dessert, what else could you want?

i am thankful that my mom, little bro nate, laura, and bob are here to celebrate thanksgiving with us!

have a very happy too much!! :)

blessings, ALo

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