Friday, November 18, 2011


another two-a-day! this week has just been super busy, but in a good way! yesterday i got to hang out with my friend/work buddy/partner in crime, etc. rachel and i laughed and talked and ate and drove to huntsville, tx, and went to women of cof study. we were literally together for 13.5 hours! i am so thankful for not just a great work partner, but a good friend. it is so fun because our sense of humor is pretty similar, we both love gospel music, and our husbands get along great!!! love ya, rach! its k, as in know!! :)

today i am thankful for football...not just any football...texas high school football! i have been a fan of the show friday night lights for a long time and have been pretty sad since the show ended. tonight i experienced the real deal!!! cy woods, one of several big high schools in our district, was playing katy high school tonight. we have quite a few guys in our high school ministry from cy woods, it was being played at the berry center (a 9,000+ person stadium and it was sold out), katy is ranked #1 in the state of texas and #6 in the nation...needless to say our TeamBringIt was super excited about going. we didnt get there until half time because of an awesome dinner at church with our international team, but the last half was really exciting! cy woods ended up loosing, but it was still a really great game and so fun to be a part of! i wish that my little bro, nate, had been here to go with me...he would have loved it. it was so fun to be there with our whole team (jason, blake, rachel and me) and so many of our awesome students! i am so blessed!

i am off to hang with my cool sister-in-law and new(ish) brother-in-law. laura (peter's sister) and bob (her hubby) got here tonight to spend the week with us for thanksgiving. we are all looking forward to just relaxing on the couch and hanging out!! cant wait for my mom and nate to get here on wedenesday!!

have a great weekend!!

blessings, ALo

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