Sunday, November 20, 2011


wow...i have not been this tired at 8:30pm in a long time!!

yesterday i was thankful for my husband's willingness to do house projects...and to save us a lot of money!! peter got up on some borrowed scaffolding to change a fan/fixture in the living room and the light fixture in the foyer. both ceilings are very high (about 25 feet) and the electricians were going to charge us $1100 to do the job. thank you, peter!! love you!!

today i am thankful for thanksgiving week! i cant wait to have some family and friends gathered at our home!! here is to hoping that i get everything done!! :)

praying for my sweet friends, robin and blake! today would have been their baby bean's 1st birthday. i was blessed to be with them today to set off balloon messages and gather a few leaves from the tree they planted in his memory. i love this glad that baby nash is here to celebrate this year!! makes me miss Charlotte!!!

blessings, ALo

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