Saturday, November 12, 2011


today i am so thankful for random acts of kindness! i love to do them for other people, but i am always so grateful when i am on the recieving end of them...especially when it involves food!

the last (just over a) week at work has been pretty stressful for a few reasons that i dont want to get into here. tonight, after our saturday night service, our student team and our spouses went to dinner together to just hang out and relax together. there was another staff family at the same restaurant. we had all said hello when our team got there, and when they were finished with their meal, they stopped our table of 10 to say hey/goodbye on their way out. a few minutes later 4 desserts showed up at our table (plus 2 kids ice creams for the little ones)!!! i mean, these were some SERIOUS desserts...molten chocolate cake with ice cream and chocolate cookie paradise pie with ice cream!!! there was a napkin note that said "to the greatest staff in town! you are blessed!" thanks to jason and gena for showing your love with awesome desserts!! i am going to pay for all the sweets in the gym on monday, but it was worth a few bites tonight!! :)

this has been a good day today, i am so blessed by so many people!!! thanks to bethany, peter, chuck, jason and jacqueline, rachel and amos, blake and robin, and jason and gena!!!

blessings, ALo

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