Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thanks, Oprah

i started tivo-ing oprah's farewell season in the fall and as the season draws to an end the episodes have been pretty good. today was all about weight loss. now, if you have ever seen more than two pics of oprah, let alone follow her show, then you know that she has always struggled with her weight fluctuation. today's show was all about weight loss...specifically highlighting fans that have lost over 100 pounds each. every person interviewed did their weight loss (or so they say) the right way...meaning they did diet/portion control and exercise. there was also an 11 year old little girl that lost 50lbs after her mom ran a marathon...so inspiring!! bob green (oprah's personal fitness trainer/nutritionist/friend) sat down with her and they talked about 3 questions that you have to be honest about if you ever want to loose weight. i started listening. you see, i have a weight problem. i came to my senses this past weekend while in georgia for my 10 year class reunion. i have to be real about it if i want to change...so here it is...i have gained 50 pounds in 10 years. i am 5'4" and weigh 202lbs. ouch! more than ouch!! i have heard my whole life that i dont look like what i really weigh...this time it is not true, and worse than that i feel it! bob green gave 3 questions to think about. he said that if you can answer them then you are on your way to beginning the hard journey.

1. why are you overweight?
     there are a lot of reasons, but never seem like good enough excuses. i know that i am an emotional eater, and the last few months have not been an exception at all. just like oprah said, i am not stressed because i eat!! i am overweight because for a long time i told myself it wasnt that bad. i told myself that i am built differently and wont ever be "skinny". like i said there are all kinds of excuses, but it really comes down to me not liking myself or the circumstances in my life. i punish myself ultimately by rewarding myself with treats or overeating when something good or bad happens.

2. why do you want to loose weight?
     first of all, i dont want to diet. i want to change. i want to loose weight to be healthy. i want to loose weight to fit into my clothes. i want to loose weight to be attractive to Peter (he has NEVER said anything to me, EVER, but i dont want things to change between us because of my weight, which would be my fault!!) i want to loose weight to be a healthy, active, "there" mom for my kids. if this is not a diet than this is a long term goal...not a fad or a right now thing.

3. why have you been unsuccessful to date?
     plain and simple, denial. i lie to myself. i tell myself it is not the number on the scale, or that as i get older its ok if the number goes up a little bit...i have told myself everything under the sun to make it better/ok. partly, too, it has never been this bad and i have never felt this desperate about my life and weight. if this does not happen this time it may never happen and will only get worse...that terrifies me!!

so, there it is! i "know"what i am supposed to do. i know "how" to do that, but it is those first few steps that are really hard! i need to remember that the weight did not come on over night so it wont come off over night (even though that would be AWESOME). the goal is to loose the 50lbs, slowly but consistently so that it stays off. it will be interesting if/when peter and i get pregnant again, but we will just cross that bridge when it comes...i cant keep putting this off!!

look out jamaica...i will be there in september...lookin much better than i do tonight! sorry houston, you wont be as lucky next week! :(

please encourage me! keep me accountable!! so scary that you all know about this now, but i need a good swift kick in the rear...do it!! i will post a weigh in result each monday. thanks, friends!!

blessings, ALo
ps. the other "interesting" thing said on today's show (a repeat from a dr. oz segment a few years back)...for every 35 pounds a man looses, he gains an inch "down there". that one guys attention and he lost 104 pounds. he and his wife both said it was true...i was just cracking up!! :)


  1. Yay Aimee! That's really brave of you to put all that out there for everybody to read. I've lost 10 lbs since February...it is slow and sometimes discouraging, but I'm trying to see it in the scope of the long run - being smart, healthy, and making (sometimes small) steps forward. Congratulations on your decision :)

  2. Great post! I love the desire to be healthy. I always struggled with weight while growing up, topping out at 25 pounds higher than my current weight while in the 7th grade.

    A couple of years ago, I did the Woman of Moderation Bible study with a group from FHCC. I believe the pounds I dropped during the study helped me deal with PCOS issues.

    I don't count calories; I consider the quality of the food and whether or not it will nourish my body. This helps me avoid unhealthy foods - not out of willpower alone but out of the desire to be healthy.

    I'll enjoy seeing the progress that you make as you prepare for your trip to Jamaica.

  3. Aimee, so proud of you! You know how I feel about healthy eating, it heals the body. Your goals are great, all the right reasons to move forward. I will be praying. When I switched up eating this last time I went to scripture to see what God said about food and it is amazing. I had always "dieted" for "man" etc., this time I went at it from God's design... he really does care about the "whole of us." We western Christian's have fallen into "eating like man" and it is hurting us, yes even killing us!!

    Sorry this is a passion of mine, all this to say I am excited for you! I will be praying!

  4. Congratulations on your decision to make a change. I made my decision back in Feburary and have not looked back. Not sure if you are an actual blog reader or just an awesome blogger but here is a good blog to read to get you through www.sonyaslosingit.com. I also have a weight loss blog if you wanna check it out http://yesireallyambigboned.blogspot.com.

    Best of luck on your weight loss journey, I will be saying a prayer for you!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post! I'm definintely on a weight loss journey too and it's not easy. Your post was encouraging! Can't wait to hear how it's going.

  6. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you are overweight!! Kudos to you...also putting your weight out there like that!
    Your story is inspirational as I too struggle with my weight! In January I started Weight Watchers and to date I have lost 32lbs! It can be done...and you are on the right track! Can't wait to see your progress!