Thursday, May 19, 2011


there are so many things that i want to say, but i am still pretty overwhelmed from yesterday. i feel like i owe a huge thank you to so many people...the people that have been praying for us since november (the first post about babyLo), the people who have sent cards and encouragement, people who support through reading this blog and facebook posts, and of course those who all took part in celebrating Charlotte with us yesterday. we are so blessed to have an amazing family and group of friends (near and far) that love us and love Charlotte. thank you, not enough i know, but thank you!

it didnt rain last night! we were all able to go outside with our balloons. we had over 25 people come to our house to celebrate with us...again, so blessed! we all hung out and chatted for a while until about 7:30. we were able to go outside and circle up for a time of prayer and then let our balloons go. i had a pretty good cry and felt so much love from everyone there. it was just really hard. after watching the balloons float off until i couldnt see them anymore, we went inside (it was a little chilly here) for dessert and a few laughs with friends. my sweet friend, emily, was here and took so many great photos. once i get those i will do a post of just pics...cant wait to see them! i will also be able to post pics from other celebrations for Charlotte. my mom had a great group of girlfriends at her house to release butterflies...neat pics to come from that as well!

again, thank you so much for all the love and support. my heart is overflowing! love you guys!

i just want to take a second to gush about my husband. he has always been a man of quiet strength. that strength has been so evident over the last few months. he has been my strength since day one of this journey, but he tenderly loves me and has always offered his shoulder for my tears. last night was not something that he particularly wanted to do, but he knew that it was important to me. so, of course, there was no way that i could have gotten through last night without my husband to lean on for support. he encouraged me to be real with what i was feeling. even though peter is not super outgoing, he also graciously hosted the celebration for our baby. peter, i love you with my whole heart and my love for you grows stronger each day. i am more than blessed to call you my best friend and my soul mate. thank you for leading our family towards a relationship with God. thank you for loving our baby, even from far away. thank you for loving me through the hardest days of life! I LOVE YOU!!

blessings, ALo

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  1. I'm sorry we couldn't make it last night. I thought of you often throughout the day and said many prayers. I will continue. Love you! PS I will return your dish...haha