Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crafty in a good way!

as i mentioned in the last post, my sweetie mother in law, susan, came for a visit this weekend...i wasted no time putting her to work! :) no, not really!!! but we did do two fun projects while she was here. over the past few months i have been following this really neat design/decorating/baking/parenting/everything blog. emily ( has some of the best ideas and this weekend i set out to re-create one of her simpler ideas. i decided to make a paper, this is not a kindergarten craft project (GRANT!). it was actually very easy and very rewarding for someone like me who cant sew or most other things needed for crafts! i didnt do a whole tutorial because you can find it on emily's tutorial page...thanks for doing all the work for me, emily!!! :) here are a few cute and they really make my little end table ready for spring. peter said this is also one flower i dont have to worry about killing! :)  the other really awesome thing is that this cost me under $10, including the stones and mason jar!!! so great!
flowers made, awaiting assembly
all put together
view from above

the first project was easy, but the second project is where my crafty (in a good way) MIL came in! besides being super intelligent and one of the most caring people i know, my mother in law is an outstanding seamstress and craft projector (is there such a thing???). you have seen my sand art with Charlotte's name from my bestie mack...well, i had that printed on a canvas and wanted to make it a little more special. my friend morgan had a few of her wedding shots put on canvas and decorated with lace for a little pizazz...i stole that idea! :) i decided that since i donated my wedding dress to lisa's project (geez, there are a lot of people involved in this blog!) i wanted a few pieces of my wedding dress lace on Charlotte's butterfly picture. sounds easy, but i am NOT crafty (well, at least not in the good way). when susan told me she was coming to visit i knew what we/she would be doing! :) after a small trip to the craft store we were ready to go! i had to hand wash the lace after we decided which pieces to use and then press them. after that i cant really tell you what happened...well, i could if you really needed me to, but it would take me forever (i dont usually do tutorials). however, my mother-in-law went above and beyond to make the canvas perfect!!! i love it!
all done, peter hung it for me! :) this is lace from the train of my wedding dress
not a great pic :( this is in our hallway.

i have found a new appreciation for crafts this weekend. thanks again, mom, for all your help!! we loved having you here!! cant wait to re-decorate my living room!!!! watch for pictures soon!

Joshua 24:15 "...but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

blessings, ALo


  1. The lace looks beautiful! Looks like waves! Love you :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Aimee! Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad that you and your MIL are such good friends. That's a very special relationship to cherish. You and I are a couple of blessed DILs that's for sure! I hope my DILs feel that way about me. love and hugs sweetie! Aunt Pam