Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not Ok

why are some of asked to endure trials that seem insurmountable? its not ok!

tomorrow i will be attending Thatcher's memorial service. why? why does this keep happening to families? it makes me so sad!!! i feel terrible for eric and whitney! please pray for eric and whitney and for their family and friends tomorrow! it is a horrible thing to have to say good bye to a baby! its not ok!

as i have been praying and asking for preparation for tomorrow, i have been thinking about Jaxton all day. i will never forget the amazing moments i spent with Jaxton and his sweet mom, lisa, while he was here on earth. i miss him so much!!! my life and my heart will be forever changed because of that little boy! now it will be the same with Thatcher. even though i only spent about 10 hours total with him, he will always hold a tender spot in my heart. i am praying that i can be strong, loving, and encouraging to whitney over the next few days, weeks and months. i pray that God will give her peace that passes all understanding!

please pray this family. please pray for me.

Me and Thatcher the first time I met him, back in April.

I was at Thatcher's house the day this was taken, last Monday. We had family hair cut day!

blessings, ALo

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