Monday, June 4, 2012

Kickin and Screamin

i am just about to go to bed, but i wanted to let you know that everything is fine. i have been off the radar for a little bit...i just wanted to see what it was like to process some things with out blogging. the verdict is in...i dont like it! i really dont care how many people read this, it is helpful for me just to type it out sometimes.

the last few weeks have been busy and this week is going to be the most crazy, busy, tiring week for months to come! this week we are going to beach camp!!!!! this is the week that i have been working towards since i started my job at the church. i am excited, nervous, apprehensive, ready, blessed, praying, and believing. we are taking 166 people to camp...135 of those are middle school students. AHHHH!!! we are staying at a beach resort with furnished condos, we have planned out rec time and free time and best of all we are expecting God to do some awesome things in the hearts of our students through our times of worship. my job (other than putting together a few things tomorrow and getting everyone to camp on thursday) is done. now, i have to hope and pray that everything that we have planned is going to happen (the food, the buses, the bon fires, etc.). please be praying for me this week! we leave thursday morning and come back monday afternoon. peter is going too! he will be with a condo full of 8th graders and he is also in charge of all the tech for our worship times. God bless my husband...willing to use 3 vacation days to minister to middle schoolers!! God bless all of our volunteer leaders! so awesome!!

so, all i need to do now is pack! i did go bathing suit shopping again today..ugh! i tweeted earlier today that bathing suit shopping is one of those things that does NOT get better with age. i hate it more and more each time i have to do it! if you know me, then you know (regardless of how much i weigh) i have huge "girls". im not kidding! bathing suits are not made for my girls to be covered appropriately for me to be going to beach camp as a leader with students. so, i have been looking online, i have lost more weight, and even resigned myself to getting a "grandma" bathing suit if needed. well, today was the last day i could actually go shopping before camp. i came home after a few hot flashes, a couple (almost) curse words in the dressing rooms, and a face that is all broken out (just like my middle school students) with a bathing suit in hand! no, it is not my first choice, but i will get great use out of it for both middle school and high school camp (that is 6 days after we get back from this camp!!) and maybe even a few trips to the pool this summer.

i didnt end up getting all the way to my weight loss goal before camp, but considering i was on vacation last week (not good for a diet) and been running myself ragged with home hair and work, i am ok with where i am this week, even after bathing suit shopping. i have set a new goal of an additional 12 pounds by our anniversary (8/12). that will put me very close to where i want to be over all. i keep praying that by loosing all this weight, we are getting more prepared to have a baby. i guess we will find out at camp if we are pregnant or not. if not, i have an appointment on 6/22 for a follicle search and will begin hcg injections. praying so hard we do not have to do that, but we are trusting God to lead us where He wants us!

ok, i know this was long. this is why i need to blog regularly!! :)

blessings, ALo

ps. i got to see Thatcher today! man is he ever a cute little guy!! please continue to pray for him and for his parents! if you are friends with them on facebook, please send them some love and encouragement!!

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