Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Week

if you dont want too much info, stop reading. 

mom, stop reading! :) just kidding. 

if you are still reading my blog after the last 18 months, you know there are few things that i dont share. so here it is...

pray that we get pregnant this week! i am ovulating and we are consistently trying this week. (too much info?? i warned you!!) i am not trying to be creepy, i just know that many of you are praying for me and peter. i would love to go into the doctor next week and they be able to tell me that everything looks fine and then the following week i end up taking a test that shows 2 lines. that would be awesome! i know that God can do that. i am believing that He will!! 

i am actually going to go to florida next week after my doctors appointment. our students have spring break and it will be somewhat of a down week. blake, my co-worker, and i planned what we needed to, so i am getting out of town for a few days! i have not seen my grandparents since august and with them getting a little older, i just want to spend a few days with them in the sun...relaxing and making memories. hopefully, when i come back i will find out some awesome news!! :)

thanks for the prayers and support and encouragement!

blessings, ALo

ps. new blog background for spring!!! woohoo!! still working on the banner, hope to have that soon!! :)


  1. Our God is ABLE to do exceedingly, abundantly, beyond, what we could ask, think or imagine. Praying that He does exceedingly more for you!

  2. praying you have some fun along the way :)

  3. thanks, everyone! e, dont worry!! :)