Sunday, March 18, 2012


remember how last weekend i was supposed that have a doctors appointment on monday and it didnt happen? i was kinda fine with it all by the end of the day because i knew i was leaving for florida super early the following day! i had decided somewhat last minute to go see my grandparents in florida during our students' spring break. my grandparents (my mom's side, we call them mimi and boppa) have lived in florida full time for the last several years. i have grown up spending a lot of my vacations (especially winter and spring time) in marco island with them. my grandparents are so awesome!!! there are no words for how blessed i am. because they are both getting up in age, it is important that i spend as much quality time with them as possible. it is always hard leaving the beautiful sunny weather, and this week was no exception. if you follow me at all on instagram, twitter, or facebook then you saw the pics. it was perfect there! of course the trip did not start without a set back. that was a given with the kind of monday i had. 

on tuesday i got up plenty early (with only 2 hours of sleep, remember nash was here!) to make my early flight. i was checked in and in line for security with a TON of time to spare! of course when i realized the line was wrapped all the way around the waiting area, i was worried. then i noticed that there were dozens of people going around us and getting through security without being in line. by the time i got up to a place where i could ask a "guard" i was told that he was sure i could still make my flight (even though they were boarding). the people skipping the line had been cancelled the day before from flights and they were needing to get to the customer service center to get on a new flight. yeah, so people that didnt have flights yet were going through and cutting off people who already had flights. needless to say, i did not make my flight. in fact, i watched them close the doors as i was sprinting with my bags (quite a sight i am sure!). i was so upset. this 7:10am direct flight was going to get me to ft. myers at 10:37am...perfect to spend an entire day on tuesday with my grandparents...the whole reason for the trip. i was told (after much pleading and begging for them to open the doors) that they could not do that for us ...yes, there were 4 of us that got stuck in the line!! anyway, i was put on stand by for the 1:30pm flight and given a seat on the 8:30pm flight. i started praying and hoping that i would somehow get on that 1:30pm! praise the Lord...i did. i was the only one of the group that did. i felt a little bit bad at first, but quickly got over it. :) dog eat dog, right??!!?? anyway, once i was there, my trip was serious smooth sailing. of course i got burnt, i got to watch march madness with my mimi (hysterical and ver serious!), i went on a long boat ride with my boppa and my aunt and uncle, i went shopping with my cousin, and just rested. rested, rested, rested. i also read two books in 3 days, with is restful to me. i felt pretty emotional when i left, but that is not unusual for me. not knowing when i will see someone again, especially mimi and boppa, is hard. i am just so thankful that i know, if God took them home tonight, that they would both be spending eternity with Him. 

i came back really late friday night, so glad to see peter and spend time with him on saturday before work. tonight we are hanging low. i am feeling emotional and just needed to come home and do a few "no brainer" tasks before the week starts. of course, tomorrow will be plenty emotional too. i took a pregnancy test was negative. so, we will keep our appointment tomorrow afternoon. we have an ultrasound at 4:15 then a sit down with the hormone specialist. 

tonight, i am praying for my mimi and boppa. i am praying for great physical health and mental clarity. i am thanking God for all that He has blessed me with because of them! i am praying for emotional stability for me and for rest tonight...hoping that i can shut off my brain! :) 

please be praying for baby thatcher and his parents!! they just updated their blog! also, please be praying for my sweet friend susie and their baby GIRL! (yes, two of my friends were just told they were having boys which have now turned into finding out they are actually girls!) they have also given a few updates. please watch the video on their is so awesome to hear susie and ben's heart!! 

blessings, ALo

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