Monday, March 12, 2012

Its a Bust

i know that some many of you have been praying for me today. thank you!!!! this morning was super frustrating because i didnt have any of the appointments that i was supposed to.

i had to leave the house almost 2 hours before my appointment to ensure i would not get stuck in traffic and miss the appoinment. i asked my sweet friend jess to come with me since peter could not take off work. so jess and i showed up at 8:40ish to be told that i was not supposed to be there today. WHAT???? poor jess, i just about lost it! (i did tell her how nervous i was on the way there...i told her if i didnt throw up that i would probably cry :) ) anyway, to make a long story much shorter, there was a HUGE scheduling mix up and i have to wait until monday for another appointment (i have to wait because i leave for florida in the morning).

on the plus side, i made the appointment next monday for when peter can come with me. i am so glad that we will be able to sit together and figure it out.

so, thank you for the about you say them again next week? :)

the rest of the day was BUSY!!! i did a few home hair appointments, made a few meals for peter for when i am gone, cleaned the house, and did 4 loads of laundry. this evening, baby nash (10 months old this week) came to play while his mom and dad (our friends robin and blake) went to see sweet baby thatcher. thatcher is nash's cousin, robin's nephew (whitney is robin's sister). i am so glad that we could help out in this small way so that robin and blake can go support and encourage whitney and eric. thatcher has had his ups and downs today, but it is easier for everyone if nash hangs with me since he cant go in to see thatcher. i really dont have too many updates on thatcher, and i dont want to share if i do not have the ok from the family. please do not stop praying for thatcher's progress and clarity for whitney and eric!

what is so crazy about nash is that he was born the day after Charlotte's due day. nash was born may 15, 2011. he and Charlotte would be the same age!! tonight as he was giggling and trying to walk, and "helping" me fold laundry i couldnt help but think about Charlotte. nash is pretty advanced for his little self...i think he has 9 teeth! he pulls himself up on everything and then just stands there not holding on to anything. he has the biggest toothy grin and the most infectious smile. how would Charlotte be? would she be super outgoing like nash or super chill and want to sit on the couch. p.s. nash did not stop moving until i rocked him to sleep in my arms, which was of course the sweetest thing. would Charlotte love bananas too? anyway. nash is one of the sweetest baby boys ever...i will volunteer to play with him anytime!!

off to pack for my mini spring break!! :) CANT WAIT!!! my 7:00am flight is going to come very early!

blessings, ALo

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