Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful Thing

i know that i have been MIA for a bit...things have been super busy/crazy...and i live out of my car right now. :) this weekend i am in MI with some friends from OH, hoping to enjoy an awesome weekend at the lake. the weather does not look too promising, but with this bunch, we will have a blast regardless!! :)

a few weeks ago i mentioned that my friend kat had sent me a super encouraging gift...a cute bag with personalized verses inside. i also mentioned that her son carter was born with some disabilities. carter was born in january...just a few days before charlotte, actually. like peter and i, kat and her hubby blair, were told that carter would have a very difficult life if he was born to term and "made it". carter was facing many serious and life threatening complications and because of that his parents were told several times that they should end his life. of course that is not how doctors ever phrase it, but that is exactly what it means. kat and blair went into each stage of pregnancy knowing what the doctors were telling them, but believing that God was bigger than each of the diagnosis. each day was another day that God was giving them with their son! to make matters worse, kat was violently ill through her pregnancy...i mean ILL!!!! but through it all, kat kept going and told me once that it was worth it all just for time with carter. this whole journey started just over a year ago, and while carter still faces many difficult challenges, he is here and surpassing more and more milestones. i am so thankful for the example that kat and blair have set (and continue to do so)! while no one knows what all happen in the future with carter's health, it is so awesome knowing that God is in control and that carter's parents seek God first in all that they do!!!

here is an awesome email excerpt blair's sister wrote which includes a great video link that kat and blair made of their family. if you are like me, you will cry...good tears...excited tears! thank you kat and blair for setting an example by your courageous faith!!

"Friends and family, 

It's been 8 months since Carter came into our lives and I can honestly tell you that he's been the biggest blessing my family has ever known! Blair and Kat recently made a video, which I posted on facebook and copied here, but they also wanted me to pass on an update about Carter's health. 

These past few months Carter has continued to grow and develop well beyond the doctors' expectations. He is now only wearing braces on his feet 14-hours a day, which is a big drop from the 23-hours he was required to wear them initially.  Once he is one, the hope is that he'll only have to wear his braces for naps and bedtime. Most likely Carter will wear his braces until he's four, in order to ensure his feet are completely straight and won't turn again. We won't know whether or not Carter will be able to walk for a year or so, but we all pray that one day Carter will run with his sister in the backyard and walk through the campus of Notre Dame for a football game or two!

In addition to Carter's feet, Blair and Kat continue to have him monitored by various doctors and specialists. Every week, Carter works with physical and occupational therapists to continue the development of his motor skills. He is progressing extremely well and is able to hold himself up while on his stomach, control his head and he's loving baby food! Just last week, a brain scan showed great news;
 the fluid filled spaces in Carter's brain are shrinking and his brain matter is growing!
Overall, Carter continues to experience miracle after miracle. As an outsider, it's amazing to see how Carter is changing the lives of my brother and Kat. It's also encouraging to see how much little Caitlin adores her "wittle broffer." Carter still has a long way to go, but Kat and Blair stay focused, take one day at a time and put complete trust in God's plan. 

On behalf of Kat, Blair, Caitlin and Cater, thank you for all of your continued prayers. Please know that God is hearing them and Carter is living proof! 
Aunt Sarah"

please pray for kat, blair, caitlin, and carter. this family is so sweet and they love the Lord! please pray that kat and blair will be encouraged to keep going. please pray that carter will continue to reach milestones. please pray specifically for his shunt and his vision right now! please pray that caitlin will also continue to grow and be the cute spunky little girl that she is...that she doesnt feel like she needs to grow up too fast!

blessings, ALo

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